UC Browser

UC Browser

UC Browser is an internet browser that works on both mobile and desktop devices. You can surf the internet and watch videos with ease. UC Browser was first designed for mobile devices. It has, therefore, features adapted to this type of device such as the ability to quickly change the theme in one click. All graphic elements will be modified, offering you real customization. The choice of wallpapers is impressive with multiple categories. Chrome users will not be distressed because the interface looks in all respects to this browser. UC Browser is also compatible with most extensions developed for Chrome. The UC Free Wifi function makes it possible to create a virtual access point, very convenient to share a connection from your phone. If you do not want to display ads, the AdBlock option can be activated at any time.

The home screen is an essential part of the interface. You can use the classic version or opt for the bubble version. Your favorite websites can be pinned and accessed directly. One of the strengths of this browser is that it allows you to sync favorites and tabs with your mobile devices. If you frequently switch from mobile to desktop, you will find the same environment without additional manipulations through the Cloud Sync module. Equipped with highly optimized algorithms, UC Browser allows you to surf quickly, even with limited bandwidth, both in 2G and 3G wifi. Its secret lies in the fragmentation of the files. Instead of loading a page in bulk, the browser will cut it into fragments and start a simultaneous download.

Combined with data compression and a cloud acceleration system, this technology is proving to be very useful. Searching for data is also more comfortable, whether on servers or storage spaces. Perfect compatibility with HTML5 and Flash ensures fast browsing, regardless of the site consulted. The gain can be 80% compared to other browsers. UC Browser is based on Chromium. Very light and consuming little memory, its installation is indicated on old equipment with limited performance. It is compatible with all older versions of Windows, including XP. Although its features are not very advanced, it is suitable for all everyday uses such as information retrieval, viewing videos or sending emails. File downloading is optimized and can be tracked in real time thanks to the download manager. In case of interruption, the transfer will automatically resume where it left off.

– Very easily customizable thanks to many themes and wallpapers
– Easy synchronization with mobile devices
– Download Manager
– Light and low in resources

– Limited but sufficient features
– Impressive especially for those who already use UC BRowser in mobile version
– Incompatible with Windows 10.