UsbFix is a free anti malware tool that it is used in detecting and removing infections from infected USB external devices such as USB memory sticks, External hard drive, smartphone, camera or any external drive that connects to your laptop or computer using the USB port.

Features of UsbFix
-It has a backup support. UsbFix creates a backup of you all your documents in the computer.
-UsbFix is capable of detecting and removing all malicious infections in your USB drives.
-It has a forum where you can get support. Just post your queries on the forum and you will be assisted.
-All your USB peripherals will be protected by UsbFix from malicious files and infections.
-It has excellent user manual that will guide you on how to use the software effectively. The manual comes with both tutorials and written articles.
-UsbFix software automatically creates a log file after every scan or any action taken.
-Keyloggers, Trojans, worms, VBN viruses and other malware infections are easily detected and removed from your computer.
-The software repairs damaged files like hidden files, registry, task manager e.t.c

How to use UsbFix
–Download UsbFix 2018
-Execute it by clicking on the UsbFix.exe file.
-The software will then launch automatically.
-Accept the EULA that will appear.
-After it has launched successfully, temporarily close all your antivirus software.
-Connect all your external drives. Do not open them.
-Now click on research.
-After the scan process is complete, a report will be generated.
-Then you can click clean. At this time, you won’t access your desktop.
-The totals of analysed and infected elements will be displayed.
-You will the be asked to donate something to the author. The donation is not compulsory. The donation is used to develop and maintain the software and the website respectively.
-A report will then be generated. A copy of this report can be found at your desktop. You can use this report to get help on the security forum.