Valorant is a free-to-play game that was released recently, and its approach to gameplay is very focused. The game’s focus is on the action. It is a hero-shooter game, giving you a character-hero each with different skills, personality, and appearance. Each character is as distinct as the game can get, but with the same choice of guns as every other participant.

However, every agent is equipped with a unique set of tactical equipment, including grenades, extra smoke, etc.

In terms of distinctiveness, for example, Mei possesses ice wall and teleportation abilities, Hanzo has sonar arrows.

The agents’ abilities can be grasped easily. For example, Brimstone, Viper, Jett, and Cypher all possess smoking talent with the same primary intent—to block adversary eyesight during an action.

Valorant gameplay features a cast of proactive agents with personalities that go hand in hand with their talents.

The game’s duration of play can go up to 25 rounds. Each round of play can last from 30 to 40 minutes. If a round of play gets very creative and interesting, it can last for more than 40 minutes. An attacking and defensive role can each take less than 25 minutes to finish playing.

Valorant offers impressive mechanics, the balance of individual and teamwork play, and logic in the duration of gameplay.

Game Modes

The game modes in Valorant are several and categorized into Plant/Defuse, Unrated, Spike Rush, Competitive, and Replication.

  • Plant\Defuse

VALORANT mode allows a participant to play as a defender or play as an attacker. When playing as an attacker, the purpose is to get rid of all the defenders and install the spike. Playing as a defender, you are tasked with preventing the attackers from installing the spike. This can be achieved by either getting rid of the attackers or by distraction by buying time until the duration of the round of play expires.

  • Competitive

The competitive play mode grants the user to start playing from a given beginner rank, climbing up the ranks by defeating opponents, up to five adversaries. Each rank of play consists of dual rounds of 12 scores each. The first to reach a score of 12 is the winner of a round. The one who is first to accumulate to the two rounds is the overall winner in this game mode.

To qualify to play competitive game mode, you are first required to participate in ten unrated matches and win them all.

  • Spike Rush

Spike rush involves only the best-of-best agents in VALORANT. The attackers are given five spikes, being allowed to use only a single spike per round. Every agent’s power is full at the beginning of the game round and is also equipped with ultimate capability.

Each round of play starts with a random weapon spotted across a map, allowing agents to collect it to better defend or attack against their opponents. The winner of Spike Rush is the team that wins all four rounds of play.

  • Replication

Before the match begins, there is voting to decide the role of players in a contest. All the members of each side are assigned one role of purpose. For example, voting can decide whether all team agents serve as Vipers or Cyphers, etc.

  • Unrated

Plant/Defuse mode actually starts in the Unrated stage. It consists of 13 rounds of play, either in a defensive or an attacking role. Accumulating 12 rounds and failure to win the 13th round carries out a switch to the other role. For example, after winning 12 rounds in a defensive role and losing the 13th round, a switch to attack mode is activated to be played for the next consecutive rounds.