Viber and Easily Make Voice and Video Calls

Stay Connected Via Messages

Don’t ever lose contact with your loved ones – send them text messages, videos, photos, and files easily with Viber and make sure they know you care. If text isn’t enough, send instant video messages or record your voice for a personal touch.

Download Viber and Easily Make Voice and Video Calls

Enjoy high-quality connections and make clear voice calls. Use the video call option and switch to video effortlessly.

Connect with Multiple People

Get your Viber download and connect trouble-free to multiple people. You can create group hangouts or meetings by clicking a few buttons on your phone. It’s even possible to have video group chats if the moment calls for it.

Friends Don’t Have Viber? No Problem!

You can call any mobile number in the world, even if the recipient doesn’t have Viber. What’s more, you can even call landlines! All you need to do is buy a Viber Out Subscription and you’re set.

Viber Promotes Communities

It may be difficult to find new people to hang out with thanks to the world’s current situation, but you can find and join many communities and connect with like-minded people thanks to Viber.

There are public groups filled with people who like the same things as you and reaching out to them is easy! Communities are like group chats but without a limit to how many people can take part.

Add Your Personal Touch

You can show off your personality and the mood you’re in with playful, expressive GIFs and stickers that are easy to find and use! Your messages don’t ever have to be boring or uninspired.

Multiple Devices Supported

You can transfer calls between devices quickly and without difficulty. Chatting even when your mobile phone isn’t around is no problem when you use Viber. You can also share your screen from your desktop during video calls.

Edit (and Delete) Seen Messages

If you’ve ever sent a message and regretted it, you’ll love that Viber allows you to delete and edit messages even after they’ve been seen. You can delete and edit messages at any time and avoid messy or awkward situations.

Secret Key Exchange

You can verify the identity of the people you talk to by exchanging secret keys — it’s Viber’s way of making sure you can trust your contacts. Viber will also notify you if your contacts change their details.

Send Disappearing Messages

If you need extra security with sensitive messages, simply add a self-destruct timer, and rest assured your messages will be gone soon.

Use Viber Anywhere and Everywhere

You can stay synced and continue your conversations no matter what device you use or where you are. Switch between your desktop, mobile, and tablet with ease.

Rest Assured With Enhanced Security

Viber knows that security is essential in this modern age, and makes sure to keep your information safe. Any info you share is protected by their security systems, so you never have to worry about data being stolen.

Messages you send and receive are encrypted as they make their way to you to ensure they arrive without anything getting ‘leaked’.

End-to-end encryption keys that only exist on user devices also go a long way to ensure no one can read your messages. Not even Viber can see what you send and receive!