What is Microsoft Onedrive

What is Microsoft Onedrive?

Microsoft OneDrive is a synchronized file hosting service provided by Microsoft. It first launched in August of 2007 as Windows Live SkyDrive and is Microsoft’s foray into cloud storage. The service allows users to store files in the cloud, meaning that the files are stored digitally through the internet. OneDrive also synchronizes all files uploaded to the cloud. This means that users can access their files within the cloud via any device supported by Microsoft.

How Does It Work?

Being a product of Microsoft, users will require to have a Microsoft Account to access OneDrive. By default, OneDrive comes pre-packaged with Windows 8.1 and above. Those who signed for a free OneDrive Account will only get 5 Gigabytes of cloud storage space. However, those who signed up for a OneDrive standalone plan can get up to 1 Terabyte of cloud storage space, and unlimited cloud storage for those who signed up for a business plan.

Once users have successfully logged in to their Microsoft Account, they will be able to start uploading files to their OneDrive storage. Files that are uploaded are now stored digitally through the internet, and now can be accessed by all sorts of devices supported by OneDrive. OneDrive supports a plethora of devices including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

One feature OneDrive has is the ability to share files across different users. Users can invite others to share their files or send a link that directs them to the shared files. They may also go as far as to set certain permission levels for each file or folder. This allows flexibility and security for users who share a large number of files within their OneDrive.

Another sought-after feature of OneDrive is the ability to perform automatic backups of important files. Users can set which files or folders in their devices they want to backup and OneDrive will do the rest. The files will now be backed up in your OneDrive storage. Doing this protects one’s files and allows them to be accessed by any device.

Benefits To Using Microsoft OneDrive

  • Simple Yet Elegant Organization – Files uploaded to OneDrive are automatically organized by type. This makes it easier to find what you need especially if you have plenty of files uploaded to your storage.
  • Designed with Microsoft Office In Mind – OneDrive is designed for use in tandem with Microsoft Office. This means files such as those of Microsoft Word or PowerPoint saved to OneDrive can be easily worked and collaborated on by others if one allows to.
  • Frees Up Physical Storage Space – Having files stored digitally means that users don’t have to worry about filling the physical storage of their devices.
  • Socially Integrated For Projects – OneDrive feature of sharing files allows groups to work on projects digitally without having to rely on a physical device for sharing files.
  • Unlimited Access To Files – Users have the luxury of having access to their files via any device due to their files being uploaded to the cloud.