What is Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT)?

PowerPoint is everywhere. From home offices to local businesses and TED Talks, PowerPoint presentations can be found all over the world and are utilized in a variety of situations. But what exactly is PowerPoint? Learn more about PowerPoint with these frequently asked questions and benefits of using the famous software program.

What is Microsoft PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is a product from Microsoft that is used to create presentations. This software allows users to build custom slideshows for all types of visual aids. PowerPoint even has options to create presenter notes and build PDF’s of the presentation. A PowerPoint can be described as the presentation itself.

PowerPoint is often abbreviated as PP or PPT. This is seen in saving presentations with the notation .PPT or -PPT.

Where is Microsoft PowerPoint downloaded? How can I access PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is a part of the Microsoft Office suite and can be downloaded from their website. Microsoft Office is not free, but many organizations have partnerships with Microsoft to supply students and employees with the software free of charge. Ask your IT department at school or work to see if your organization offers this benefit. To download for personal use or if you do not attend school or work a traditional job, check out Microsoft’s website for more information.

How old is PowerPoint?

PowerPoint was initially created for Apple Macintosh in 1987 by the software company, Forethought, Inc. The program was originally called Presenter. In the same year it was created, Microsoft purchased the rights to the program.

However, PowerPoint as we know it today is not the same as it was in 1987. In fact, Microsoft regularly sends software updates and creates new and modern versions of their software platforms to improve user experience. The version of PowerPoint that you use is not likely to be the same version as the one used in 1987.

How is PowerPoint used?

PowerPoint is used on any computer device. The functionality of PowerPoint includes adding slides, creating templates, designing slides and presenting slides with rehearsed timings. Here are potential ways that you can use PowerPoint

  • Create graphics for social media
  • Build a slide deck for a YouTube video
  • Write a presentation for school or work
  • Compile images and pictures for a slideshow presentation for a wedding, graduation party, or funeral
  • Design a brand template for the office
  • Use art tools to design a logo for your small business

What do I do if I need help using PowerPoint?

Just like all Microsoft Office products and software, there is a help function in the top ribbon of the program. Simply search in the Help tab for your issue or your desired outcome and different help topics will populate. For further help, contact Microsoft’s customer support team for additional questions. There are also YouTube videos that you can look up to help you do exactly what you want to do in PowerPoint. These videos are free and can give you a very thorough tutorial so you can become a PowerPoint expert in no time.

Where do people learn how to use PowerPoint?

Today, many people are first introduced to Microsoft PowerPoint through school projects. Students as young as elementary school are learning how to use this software to work on reports and give presentations. Outside of school, adults who did not grow up using PowerPoint might learn it on the job or even through local adult education courses in their community.

Where is PowerPoint used?

PowerPoint was originally developed for use in an office or business but can be utilized elsewhere. Many schools and volunteer organizations use PowerPoint. Today, people even use PowerPoint slide decks to share on YouTube videos for the use of humor or entertainment.

Can I use PowerPoint for school projects?

Yes! Many people consider PowerPoint the preferred method for school presentations and projects. This is incredibly common. In fact, some schools and professors will require their students to create a presentation in PowerPoint. If you are planning on going to college, knowing how to use PowerPoint is an essential part of your success.

Five Reasons You Should Use PowerPoint

PowerPoint is incredibly beneficial in different situations. But why should you use it? Here are five reasons you should use PowerPoint.


Most people who are around computers or who have been to any sort of presentation have seen a PowerPoint slide deck. Because of its familiarity, it is hard to mess up. It is often considered the standard when it comes to presentation and slide deck software.


With PowerPoint, you can make a presentation entirely your own. From adding pictures and sound effects to including your logo, PowerPoint can be used in whatever way meets your needs. Many organizations utilize PowerPoint to create a centralized brand strategy in their office through the use of templates. In PowerPoint, you can add your brand colors and logo to make the PowerPoint truly look a part of your brand.


Want to create a slideshow of pictures for a graduation, wedding or funeral? Use PowerPoint. Want to give a presentation at work to explain why you need money for a specific project? Use PowerPoint. Want to build a template at your organization that all of your employees use for their slide decks? Use PowerPoint. The opportunities are truly endless with Microsoft PowerPoint software.


No need to know how to code or build HTML. PowerPoint is simple so that most people can easily use the product. While some people might assume that you have to be young or a tech wizard to understand how to use these programs, PowerPoint is user-friendly. This gives people the chance to learn without prior knowledge.

readily available.

With a simple software download of all of the products that you could ever need, PowerPoint is on your computer and ready to use. Unlike other presentation programs, PowerPoint does not use the internet so it can be accessed from anywhere.