Microsoft Word

What is Microsoft Word

If you have ever written a paper on your computer or opened a document that someone else has sent to you, then you have interacted with Microsoft Word. This program has revolutionized the way that work gets done, and it is deserving of our attention and admiration for all that it can help us accomplish. Importantly, we need to look at what this program is and how it may be used in today’s world.

What is Microsoft Word?

This program is a widely used document processor that is described by Microsoft. It is used both in commercial applications as well as on a personal level. It has become the universal standard that businesses and individuals alike tend to prefer to use. They like it because it helps them standardize the work that they are doing, and it creates a space where they know that everyone is on the same page and operating with the same information and materials.

When was Microsoft Word First Launched?

The year was 1983 when Microsoft Word was first launched. This was long before many families even had a home computer at all. The Internet had not taken over the world, and there was still a lot of work done outside of the Internet. That said, Microsoft Word was available in an early format for users to get the most out of a word processor at the time.

Why do People Like Microsoft Word so Much?

Microsoft Word is a very basic program that is standardized across the board. There is nothing fancy to learn in order to use it. You just pull it up and start typing what you need into it. People appreciate that Microsoft has not attempted to make things any more difficult than they need to be. Instead, the company tries to keep things as basic and straightforward as they can in order to help people get work done. The faster that you learn the system, the faster you can put it into action for yourself.

Where There Competitors to Microsoft Word?

One of the things that many people are not aware of is the fact that there were competitors to Microsoft Word. In fact, the program was not an initial success due to the popularity of other programs such as WordPerfect.

That said, the people at Microsoft took it as a personal challenge to improve their program so that people would like it better. They continued to work on it until it was better than the competition. It was at that point that they found the secret formula that they needed to get it built up to be the kind of service that they needed it to be.

What are Useful Features Within Microsoft Word?

There are a great deal of features within Microsoft Word that you need to know about if you are to use this program. For example, you will surely appreciate the fact that Microsoft Word has a built-in spell checker program. You can also use tools within the system to get a word count on the program.

If you misspell a word while you are writing in the program, you can see that word marked with a red line underneath it to let you know that you have made a mistake that needs to be corrected.

How is Microsoft Word Offered?

This program used to be something that you purchased out of the box in an electronics store somewhere. That is no longer the case. You simply purchase the program online these days for use on your computer device. It is an online download that you can instantly start to apply to any and all tasks that you need to work on.

Subscription Purchase

Microsoft Word operates as a subscription service these days. This means that you must put down a credit card number in order to gain access to it. You are also charged periodically for continued access to this program. That said, you will get a bundle of Microsoft programs when you sign up for this service. Along with Word, it is common to get other popular programs such as Excel, PowerPoint, and more as part of your package.

Having all of these Microsoft programs in one offering is extremely helpful because it means that you can use the programs and services that you require whenever you need them.

Continued Updates

Microsoft has NOT stepped back or rested at all in terms of what it offers. Other companies may have the luxury of trying to coast by on what they have already put out to the public, but Microsoft refuses to do that. They know that if they waste any time at all just coasting that someone else will come along and try to take away some of their market share. Instead, the company is constantly working on revamping its services to make them even more powerful and useful than ever before.

Great for Writing Papers

One of the main things that Microsoft Word is used for is to write papers. Those in colleges and universities know Microsoft Word like the back of their hand. They have to use this program to pump out the various papers that they are to write for their classes. If it were not for Microsoft Word, it would be nearly impossible for students to write what they needed to write.

Why You Need Microsoft Word

You will be significantly behind the curve if you do not get Microsoft Word for yourself. It is a necessary device to get work done and properly handle everything that is thrown at you these days. If you don’t get Microsoft Word as part of the bundle of programs that you use on your computer, then you won’t be able to easily produce documents that you need to produce. Worse yet, you might not be able to open certain documents that are sent your way. That can be a major problem because it means that you don’t be able to see what your boss or co-workers are sending to you.

Microsoft Word comes at a very reasonable subscription price given all that it does for you. Think carefully about this and then sign yourself up for the subscription service that works best for your needs and for your budget. You will greatly appreciate the fact that you have something that you can use on a daily basis to get the help that you need.

There are a lot of people who fully rely on Microsoft Word these days to get their jobs done, and you should think about this as you look at the subscription offerings that they have made available to the public.