WinSCP Reviews

WinSCP Reviews

Martin Přikryl changed the game when he created the open-source Windows Secure Copy. While its main function is ensuring that your files are transferred securely between your local and remote computers, it offers you more functions.

If your aim is to use a file manager that’s worth everything, then the WinSCP is your best bet. It’s also come a long way since its first release in late 2000. Read on to find out more about what you should enjoy when you use this innovative file management software.

Main Features

1. Integration with Windows

This is likely the main feature that you’re looking for. The seamless integration with your Microsoft Windows is what you want more than anything. Moreover, you can do this effortless integration in many ways. A WinSCP download takes care of the installation of this feature when you opt for it. Just simply select your Additional Task page while you’re doing your installation. Or, just choose it later on in the Integration page dialog option.

But, there’s always more with your WinSCP download. There are various applications that it can also integrate with. Take Filezilla and PuTTY for example. The cooperation with these applications is hassle-free.

2. Includes Basic Tasks

The last thing that you want with your file manager is for it to be complicated. The great thing about WinSCP is that you don’t have to search for task commands for longer than it’s necessary. You can even find useful prompts to help you search for a specific task. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to delete files or to navigate to hidden ones. You’ll easily find all of your common operations within all your files.

3. Enhanced Security

What’s the one thing that you want when you use any software? If enhanced security isn’t your answer, it should be. First things first, you have a master password that you have the option to use to protect your site stored information. You can choose preferences to suit how you want to set up your master password.

4. Various Language Translations

If you find yourself struggling with your WinSCP download because of the default English language settings, you need not worry. You can simply change your language output to your preferred home language. There’s an entire translations’ page that you should download. This will make it easier for you to switch on the Languages’ page dialog. You can do all of these changes without affecting the icons because they’re fixed.

5. Internal Text Editor

Think of the Windows Notepad on your file manager software. This is how simplified the internal text editor that you find in your WinSCP manager. It has advanced yet easy-to-use editing tools. You can quickly use your common commands such as copy and paste. If your file has been uploaded with different encoding, you can change it from your text editor’s drop-down menu. This will reload your file, so any previous versions or changes will be discarded.

6. Program Interfaces

You can choose between two program interfaces on WinSCP. The great thing is that each of these programs have their own configuration settings. After your WinSCP download, you should select which interface you prefer during the installation process. But, you can still change it later. You have a choice between an Explorer and a Norton Commander interface. If this is the first time using WinSCP, the Explorer interface should help you ease into things.