WinZip Review

Archiving files is one of the new trends in vogue, thanks to the increasing sizes and increasing spaces that the files were beginning to use. Winzip is leading software that helps to compress those files, making their transfer over the web less hefty and power consuming. It converts the files to its own Zip format, and that should not be a problem for most of the users, for the Zip format is just as flexible as any of the others. Files can be easily extracted and converted into any other format that the user wants them to be in. Furthermore, the software can work on a wide variety of OS, including Windows, iOS, Android and OS X, making transfer of files and extraction of the same through mobiles just as easy.

The Functions of Winzip:

These include the following:

  1. Compressing and archiving the files
  2. Unpacking files of Zip, 7Z, LHA and LHZ formats
  3. Decoding UUE and B64 files
  4. Writing the Zip files directly onto an external storage device, like CD or DVD
  5. Supporting other compressed and archived files, provided the appropriate programs have been installed. This means that the Winzip can link up with other archiving softwares like ARJ, and help retrieval of files from their formats.


Winzip is fast becoming popular. There are several reasons for this:

  1. WInzip costs very less. The premium versions cost as low as 29 dollars and this too at their upper limit. Moreover, a free version is also available online which works just fine for most of the users.
  2. The software has been engineered to become global. Currently, about 13 international languages are supported by Winzip, making it easily accessible in all parts of the world.
  3. The utilities suite that comes along with the software is a highly efficient set of tools to customize the user experience.
  4. Data security is one hundred percent guaranteed. Because the software compresses the files of the users, it understandably has access to the information contained in those files. However, since the time it has been launched, there has not been a single security breach with the Winzip software.


So far, only a single con can be pointed out that is of any significance. The Winzip software maybe downloaded and installed, but the manufacturers do not provide adequate customer service or help. According to most of the users, the help during installation process is almost zero: the customers have to do what they know and simply experiment in using this software. Furthermore, the answering of the queries is not up to the mark. It seems that the manufacturers have simply created the software and left it out in the market with confidence that the customers will be able to navigate their way through it.

The Verdict:

For a person who has enough experience with the use of different softwares or who has the confidence to navigate his or her way through the internet, Winzip offers no challenges or drawbacks. It supersedes its competitors by a fair amount, according to the user reviews. It is a powerful compressing tool.