XBOX APP Reviews

XBOX APP Reviews

When it comes to gaming with XBOX, you now have the choice to play at home on your PC or mobile device. You also have the option to play games away from home on your mobile phone.

This capability is made possible by the XBOX APP. You must have Windows 10/11, v.22H1 or higher for your PC. For mobile phones, you must have an Android version 6.0 or higher or an iOS version 10 or higher. The following includes more details on what this app has to offer:

Features of the XBOX APP

This app has tons of features to enjoy on your mobile phone or your PC, which includes:

  • Chat

You can chat with a group or friend by text or voice. You also can share game clips, screenshots, or gifs.

  • App Notifications

You don’t ever have to miss a friend request, party invite, or message with app notifications.

  • Profile Customization

You can use background themes on your profile to express yourself.

  • Link Accounts

You can also link your social media networks to connect with friends on TwitchSteam, Discord, and more.

  • Cloud Gaming

On your PC, use the cloud to play console games on your PC with Xbox Game Pass.

  • Remote Play

On your PC, play games from your XBOX One console and your XBOX Series X|S.

  • Remote install

To install games to your PC anywhere, you can download XBOX Game Pass mobile app.

  • Perks

Within the app, ultimate members of Xbox Game Pass can redeem their Perks.

XBOX APP- Windows PC

With Game Pass, find and download new games, and use cloud gaming for playing console games on your Windows PC. You also can chat with friends on your mobile, Xbox console, and PC.

  • Fast Accessibility to Play

Whether it’s downloading your next favorite game or browsing the Game Pass library, you can quickly complete this and start playing. This is also true whether you directly launch it from the app. You also can organize your game as you prefer, launch the game when you want to play, and play console games through the cloud with friends.

  • Connect by Chatting With Friends

Chat with your friends and see what they are playing on your mobile, PC, and Xbox console.

  • PC Game Shopping

The app has a ‘Use the Store’ tab to purchase your DLC, PC games, and add-ons. Also, Game Pass members can obtain a discount in the Game Pass library.

XBOX APP- Mobile

This app has all of the same features as it is for the PC. This includes chatting, viewing achievements, sharing screenshots and game clips, and more.

  • Your Game Away

Use arrow keys for navigating through the tab and pivots to focus on content in a pivot section.

  • Xbox Parties
  • Easy Chatting
  • Sharing
  • Achievements
  • Xbox Remote Playing

With Xbox remote play, your tablet or phone is able to play games from your consoles. You also can discover and install new games when you’re away from home. Otherwise, just change your console settings the way your want.

  • Family Settings

You also can manage settings easily and monitor your children in real-time and more. You won’t go wrong with the Xbox , so start that Xbox app download now!