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BitComet is a well-known BitTorrent client that allows you to quickly download multiple torrent files from any supported website. It is an efficient tool that can work very fast on Windows operating system. It is a freeware that supports FTP and HTTP network protocols. Being a hybrid downloads manager, this works on the basis of P2P file sharing. It is a stable computer application and is capable of downloading all types of files. While downloading the software, the setup asks to download some other free tools as well. Therefore the users must be careful in choosing the required download options.

BitComet screen displays all the torrents that are added in the list for downloading purpose. When each torrent is clicked, it displays all the information associated with it. You can view comments by other users and add your own ratings too. Summary section shows information of download such as files size, elapsed time, speed and status. You can also check all the files that are present in the package. Trackers provide connection with the network while Logs section tells about actions performed by Trackers. Peers tab displays the number of peers connected and Statistics display network details.

Easy Search:
BitComet enables you to easily search required content via internet. You can find content by entering the search term in search bar and choosing the required torrent site. It supports multiple Torrent sites that makes it easier to fulfill user requirement is no time. The supported sites include The Pirate Bay, Torrent Room, Torrent Bar, Torrent Portal, Torrentzz and Demonoid. Furthermore, if you are interested in looking for popular games, then you can visit suitable websites that are listed under the tag of Free Online Games.

Other Features:
BitComet offers the facility of downloading files by entering location URL or Magnet URL. Even if the download is not completed yet, you can preview part of file which is downloaded on your PC. You can modify Task Properties such as path for downloads, acceleration and Trackers List to carry out the tasks in desired manner. The software Options fall under the categories of Connection, Directories, Task, Integration, Appearance, Virus Scan, Service and Advanced and they improve software performance. Moreover, the downloaded files are divided into categories of Downloading, Completed and Active for quick access.

Torrent Exchange:
Torrent Exchange is a unique feature of BitComet that was earlier known as Torrent Share. This feature is useful when you want to share any torrent files with other users. It provides a peer-to-peer network where you can send files to your friends and can receive content from them as well.

To be precise, BitComet is one of the best Torrent clients through which users can get their hands on enormous amount of digital content. It allows you to download only legal content and prohibits the downloading of files that may breach the copyright laws. It provides fast downloading of content and you can simultaneously view the content which is downloaded. Despite a few controversies, it has continued to be popular among Torrent users.



  • Torrent Share
  • DHT network
  • P2P downloading


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