Adaware Antivirus 12.3.909.11573

Adaware Antivirus 12.3.909.11573

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Adaware Antivirus Free is a reliable anti-virus and anti-spyware tool that is offered by Lavasoft for Windows users. It is an efficient method for keeping PC safe and improving immunization against malware threats. It is a multi-language tool that was introduced in 1999 and was written in VB.NET and C++ languages. It can offer protection from different types of malware including virus, spyware, Trojans, bots, dialers, data miners, rootkits, trackers, parasites and browser hijackers. By using this software you can safely browse internet, find zero day threats and keep your PC secure with real time protection.

System Scan:
Performing system scan is a reliable method of finding and resolving issues. Different types of scans can run on files for checking whether they are free from malware or not. Quick Scan is run for checking active processes only. Full Scan thoroughly scans all files and resources present on your system. Custom Scan is run for only those files that user has selected. After the scan is completed a detailed report is generated that displays the list of issues found and actions taken for tackling them. You can automate scans by scheduling them at regular time intervals.

Real Time Protection:
Adaware Antivirus Free can maintain real time protection on system by detecting issues immediately as they have occurred. This feature can remove malware before they are able to affect your system. A proper history list is stored on PC that contains the log of activities that were performed for protection of computer. Upgraded versions can also use Active Virus Control function that detects potential harmful programs on the basis of their behavior with the help of heuristic technology.

Web Protection:
Web Protection capability helps you in secure internet browsing. It notifies you when a suspicious webpage is requested and denies access to bad website URLs. You can also enable parental controls for blocking adult content for moral development of your family members. Emails received via internet can also be checked for verifying their authenticity. Email Protection function reads both Email content as well as attachments. Safe contact lists can be maintained that contain known Email addresses. In this way you can stay safe from receiving malware content and keep data away from reach of hackers.

Other Features:
Adaware Antivirus Free keeps updated database of virus definitions and signatures which help in detecting malware. It ensures the privacy of your current network and blocks access of unauthorized users. You can apply PIN code in order to keep the application private. The software creates pop-ups with sounds that notify users when any issue is detected. Game Mode lets you turn off these notifications for enjoying games and movies with sole attention. If you cannot understand its working, then Help Center can help you out.

Adaware Antivirus Free is capable of efficiently dealing with different types of malware that can harm your PC. It is a safe tool that scans files for finding issues, provides real time protection and lets you surf internet with higher relaxation level. It is a recommended tool for maintaining privacy of confidential data.



  • Requires little CPU usage to run
  • Allows you to pause scans
  • Quick full system scan


  • slow scan
  • Doesn't scan incoming or outgoing email messages


Antivirus Software - 9
Real-Time Protection Software - 9