Advanced Installer 14.7 Professional Review

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Advanced Installer is a professional product developed by Microsoft Corporation to simplify the process of software development and maintenance. Initially it was launched with name of Microsoft Installer in 1999, but was modified later to depict its diversity. It is generally used by professional software developers and organizations to prepare installation packages of developed applications so they can be deployed easily on systems of customers. The process is made simpler with its GUI that contains many options to guide the user with wizards. It is a fast tool that can be installed easily on Windows PCs.

Advanced Installer comes equipped with various built-in templates that can be chosen on the basis of targeted software. Specialized templates are available for Visual Studio, .NET, Visual Basic, XNA Game, Desktop Bridge Package, ASP.NET, SharePoint, RAD Studio and Real Studio applications. You can create new Java projects or import existing ones from Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA Workspaces. Extensions, Plug-Ins or Add-Ins can be added to increase compatibility with other software. You can merge multiple MSM modules, import setup projects, convert them to suitable formats and edit virtual packages. After all the required options are chosen carefully, you can create a new project with selected settings.

Requirements & Resources:
Requirements and resources are necessary components in a product without which an application cannot run. Under Resource section, the developers can access every component that was utilized in software development process. These resources can be files, folders, Java products, Registry tools, enabled file associations, added assemblies, device drivers or services. With the help of requirement section, you can specify prerequisites and launch conditions that must be fulfilled before installation of package. Package Definition section can be accessed for choosing installation parameters, software builds and analytic tools.

Package Information:
A lot of data and resources are consumed in making of a product and you can access all these details by entering required keywords in quick filter. You can easily edit product details, enable digital signatures for copyrights, enable automatic updates, manage upgrading of product versions, secure licensing, create CD/DVD auto-run launcher and generate multiple instances of the app.

The interface and operations of Advanced Installer can be fully modified. You can choose theme and color scheme for software and wizard screens. Characteristics of Dialog bars for alerts or warnings can be adjusted too. The language of tool can be chosen from many known languages. Furthermore, you can create Environment variables, schedule tasks, change Firewall options, manage user groups and register COM modules. If databases or servers are needed in the project, then IIS, SQL database, ODBC, SharePoint and Silverlight services can be configured.

Advanced Installer is an efficient Windows application that assists in creating installation packages for variety of software products. These installation packages are in MSI format and can be installed easily on users’ systems. It contains many useful tools and options packed in a straightforward interface. It is basically an API that provides interface between operating system and deployed application. It is a reliable tool that can be customized according to user requirements.



  • quickly and easy
  • wizard


  • missing some advanced setup options


Setup creators Software - 9.9
Installer Software - 9.5