Droid4X 0.10.6 Review


Droid4X is an efficient Android emulator through which you can easily enjoy all your favorite Android apps on your computer. With the help of this application, you can easily run those apps and games that could not be used on your mobile phone due to limited memory space or battery usage. You can now enjoy those games on a bigger screen and make use of system hard disk to store and run all your favorite apps. It provides you a complete Android environment and can support a large variety of apps available on Google Play Store. It is user friendly software for mobile gaming addicts.

Unlike other Android simulators, Droid4X creates a complete environment by using virtualization technique. Therefore it needs long time for installation process. Once the setup file is downloaded for free, it can be executed after browsing in system memory. The plus point is that it can be installed easily with the help of its installation wizard. All you need to do is to accept the license agreement terms and after that the whole procedure will be carried out automatically. Once the installation is completed, you can use it for running Android apps.

Android Apps:
Android apps can be executed on the software by downloading them from Google Play Store or by installing with their APK file. For accessing Play Store, it is necessary to log in via verified Google account. There you can find different apps and games on the basis of their categories. It provides the environment of a rooted Android device due to which you can customize in-depth features and install all types of apps. Just like an Android device, it provides the options to modify its settings by visiting the icon of Google Settings. Here you can manage settings for Google account, its services and apps.

The settings of the software can be customized for efficient working. You can adjust resolution according to your requirements. Different resolution schemes are available for both landscape and portrait modes; however you can enter custom resolution if needed. The volume can be adjusted through Basic Settings. You can optimize the performance of application by selecting CPU usage and memory capacity. Furthermore, you can choose its language, enable APK file support and specify hot keys. You can decide whether the software should be minimized to system tray or closed on clicking the Close button.

Droid4X can turn keyboard of your PC into a gaming controller for your mobile device by installing a client on both machines. You can create shaking effect and can capture screenshots or video with its built-in options. You can simulate your GPS location by choosing any desired place.

Droid4X is a smart application that is capable of converting your PC into an Android gaming device. Its powerful functions can play all types of Android apps without slowing down the system and save you from memory problems or battery shortage. Now everyone can enjoy Android apps even if they don’t possess a smartphone.




Android Apps - 9.6
Settings - 9
Installation - 9