ManyCam 6.2.0 Review

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ManyCam is a video chatting application that enables you to connect to your friends in an exciting way. You can apply various effects to make the live video even more amazing. The software uses the webcam of computer to capture video or take snapshots. The product was launched in 2006 by Visicom Media Inc. and can be used on multiple platforms including Windows operating system and Mac OS. It is a free application that provides access to many chat tools simultaneously. The user interface is absolutely simple and can be translated to French, German, Japanese or English languages.

The major purpose of developing ManyCam was to provide a platform through which users can easily communicate with each other. Apart from video chatting, the software can also record video from both webcam as well as of computer’s screen. Such videos are helpful when you want to prepare tutorials, presentations or update tourism blogs. It also facilitates you with online streaming feature. Whether you want to conduct online lectures or conferencing with your clients, it is a recommended choice. It can also capture pictures of the view present via webcam and saves it in gallery.

The software possesses the capability of supporting multiple devices as source of capturing content. Laptop’s built-in webcam, game screen, IP camera, Mobile phone camera, media files, YouTube video, system desktop and blank image are some of the mediums that can be used for saving or broadcasting videos. You can also use available backgrounds of Gothic and Office or add custom images to manipulate your surroundings.

ManyCam lets you adjust properties of audio or audio and implement many effects to improve quality of conversation. You can customize image resolution, zoom in or out, choose picture mode, flip or rotate screen, adjust brightness or contrast and manage color schemes. Audio can be added via microphone or by extracting internal sounds form computer. You can enter any text and make it visible on screen. Pen, Eraser and Fill tools can be used for drawing or adding colors. Current time and date can also be displayed to stay aware.

The software settings can be customized to choose its language, startup options and update settings. You can log in to registered account or use it as a guest. The output folder can be chosen to store recorded content and file format or shutter speed can be modified. You can get connected to network for broadcasting videos. For using desktop as medium of recording you need to choose settings for cursor, animated mouse clicks, layered windows and zoom. RTMP settings can be adjusted if you wish to transmit live videos on video sharing websites.

ManyCam is a professional Windows application that enables you to communicate with your friends, family and colleagues in an appropriate environment. A lot of tools and effects are available that can be used according to your requirements. It can also work as a security camera due to the support of IP camera and motion detector. You can turn it on and enable Emails to get notified whenever any suspicious motion is detected in your absence.