NANO Antivirus Review

It is essential for every internet user to install some reliable antivirus software in their system for keeping it protected against attacks of malware. NANO Antivirus is an efficient way of repelling the threats that may be caused by the presence of virus in your PC. It can provide maximum protection against screen blockers, cryptolockers, bank Trojans, adware, spyware, potentially harmful software and other malware. It is a freeware and allows you to scan your system for detecting presence of any malware in a short time.

Installation Guide:
For installation of NANO Antivirus, choose the language of installer. The setup wizard will then check for the system integrity and download installation files. Then you must agree with the license agreement terms. It will let you know if any conflicting software is present, but it can still be installed with lesser features. You can install it with Recommended settings or User settings. The process of antivirus software installation will start after that and once it is completed, you can avail its benefits.

NANO Antivirus is a fast working antivirus tool that is effective against a wide range of malware types. It provides you with high level real time protection from harmful threats. It is a useful and simple solution with great performance. It can be used on multiple devices at a time to protect the data on all of your devices. Since it is not very old software and is still in development mode, so regular updates are introduced by the developers to increase its capabilities. It provides great professional support to users.

System Scan:
NANO Antivirus runs scan on your system at a very fast speed. In the Statistics category, it displays the report of scan and lets you know if any malware content is present. In the Object category it shows the list of malware found and the actions that can be performed. Whenever any malware is found it immediately lets you know of it and then you can delete them at the same time.

System Requirements:
It can run on both 32 bit as well as 64 bit architecture systems having Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 operating systems. Before installing this software make sure that your system has 1.2 GHz or higher processor along with 1 GB RAM.

NANO Antivirus is proprietary software. Its license can be purchased at $4.27 USD only. It also facilitates users to download and try its free trial version for period of 30 days so they can understand its working first and then make a decision about purchasing its license.

The software screen consists of following tabs:

You can choose type of scan and can schedule updates and system scan at particular times.

You can customize the settings for various functions of the software and can customize its interface.

System Guard:
File guard and web guard can be activated to keep your data safe from getting infected.

Here you can find infected or suspicious files and can backup your important files.



  • High speed, efficiency and usability
  • Possibility
  • Free distribution


Anti Virus Software - 9.6
Email Protection Software - 9