Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Build 19.1.5

Adobe Photoshop 2018 was introduced by Adobe Systems for introducing new features and an exquisite interface for the users who are interested in image editing. It is a high quality raster graphics editor. You can get its latest version on your system by spending $9.99 per month. The package contains many other software too that are used for photography. It is inarguable the most popular and advance tool that provides users with endless options.


Software details

2018 Build 19.1.5
Windows 10 / Windows 8
Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Build 19.1.5
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Software description

Adobe Photoshop CC is available with the unique features of masks, HDR imaging, 2D and 3D image compositions and printing, additional fonts, art boards, camera shake reduction, advanced blurring and sharpening filters, histogram palettes, color management, animations, layer control, auto corrections, real time painting and healing brushes and many more. It lets you access and sort your recently used glyphs, use latest Creative Cloud libraries, customize toolbars and provides support for more cameras and lenses.

Adobe Photoshop CC has a comprehensive toolbar that contains various tools. The most common ones are: Marquee tools for selecting particular area, Move tool for changing locations of items, Lasso tools for selection, Magic Wand tool for color based selection, Eyedropper tool for picking color, Spot Healing Brush tool for cleaning faded spots, Brush tool for artistic drawing, Eraser tool for removing image, Type tool for entering text, Gradient tool for mixing colors, Zoom tool for zooming into or out of the image, Full screen mode for watching the image on whole screen and many more.

Menus and Options:
Adobe Photoshop 2018 lets you choose your workspace according to your requirement. It also provides you with lots of image adjustments, brush presets, channels, character styles, colors, styles and paths. It enables you to increase the size of pictures for easily working on smaller portions. The various filters and effects such as blur, distort, stylize, liquify, oil paint and lens correction enhance the quality of your images and help you transform them into higher quality. You can create multiple layers and groups in a single image.

It creates images with formats of PSD, PSB, PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, EPS, IFF, Pixar, TIFF, PCX, PDF and many more. It is compatible with Mac OS and Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 operating systems. You can benefit from its features by purchasing it or downloading its free trial for 30 days duration. You need to have OpenGL 2.0 compatible system with 2 GHz processor, 2 GB free hard disk space and 1024×768 screen resolution for its successful usage.

Adobe Photoshop CC is an advanced tool for image editing, Web designing, graphic designing and improving the quality of captured images. The various options and features that it provides make it a great option for users. It is an easy to use software where all its tools are listed with their names and the options are present in separate menus for easy access. Shortcut keys are supported for every major function that makes it easier for advance users to perform required operations quickly with the help of keyboard.


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