TeamViewer 14.0.13488.0

TeamViewer 2018 is remote access software, which allows telecommunicating and handling light IT work. It consists of essential remote access features that allow you to, manipulate and contact any non-local computer easily. These features make this program and ideal choice for web conferencing and demos communication. It’s a powerful tool that, you will need to communicate with others and help them...[Read More]

Microsoft OneDrive 18.192.0920.0015

OneDrive is a reliable file hosting and synchronization service. It’s a component of Office Online service and you can use 5GB space for free. Users can use this space to store all types of personal files and can access the data from any smart device. All you need to do is to create an online account and then you can make the most of this secure cloud service. It’s the simplest way to share files ...[Read More]

Maxthon Maxthon Browser Beta

Maxthon Browser is a complete package for internet users. Whether you are a pro or just a beginner, you will surely be interested in using the cloud browser after having a look at its various options and features. Its compatibility with a number of Operating Systems including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS enables users to benefit from it at multiple platforms. Despite having a long list of ...[Read More]

Google Chrome 72.0.3608.4 Dev/ 70.0.3538.102 Stable

Google chrome 72 has garnered a lot of fame with many internet users since its launch in 2008. It has so far received a considerable share in global use among the internet browsers. The product upholds a Google sense of innovation, creativity and provides a simple to use, faster browsing for the user. The latest version comes with tabbed browsing, synchronization and privacy functions. One can syn...[Read More]

Skype Stable

Skype is a telecommunication software developed by Skype Technologies that provides with voice calls and video chats to internet users around the world. It is one of the popular and most frequently used voice call software in the world. Apart from just voice and video chats, Skype provides various other features for its users such as messaging supported with emojis, group calls where more than two...[Read More]

Passware Password Recovery Kit 2018.3.0

Passware Kit 2018 is the software that was developed for recovery of your passwords especially for MS Office and to recover network connections and also your login password. There are three paid versions of this software available: Basic, Standard and Professional. Each of these has different specifications, but the users can also download its Demo version for free. The demo version comes with cer...[Read More]

ICQ 10.0 Build 12393

ICQ 2018 is one of the oldest instant messaging applications with a large number of users online. Though its importance was decreased slightly when new similar applications were introduced in the market, but its quality and features are still amazing.

Vivaldi 2.1 Build 1337.36

Vivaldi is a unique web browser based on Blink layout engine. It is a fresh product developed by Vivaldi Technologies and was recently launched in April 2016. It is a free tool with most of its components being open source. The owners of this organization are former employees of Opera Software and had left the company due to closure of certain facilities. In order to facilitate the users with more...[Read More]

What is Microsoft outlook 2018?

Microsoft cooperation developed Microsoft outlook 2018. It is useful for the businessman or generally by the people who have more than one account. So it comes with Microsoft office package with the word, excels, and power point. It is one of the most widely used email service programs because of its diversification with the users. Its primary function is to send, receive and store email. Most imp...[Read More]

How Does Microsoft Silverlight Work?

Microsoft Silverlight enables displaying high definition videos and streaming them for everyone. This removes those content distribution networks and their fees. This is very beneficial for the small development agencies as it reduces their overhead cost and allows them more growth and the potential to become a large development agency. Although this is done for a nominal fee to Microsoft, it is s...[Read More]

Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft .NET Framework is an exceptional software framework for developers and users of XML Web services and applications. Microsoft.Net Framework is often required by programs to allow for the create environment required for runtimes of certain programs. Developers will be turning cartwheels over the multiple features that are included in this software. Most people only find out they need it wh...[Read More]

Microsoft Silverlight 5

Microsoft Silverlight is considered an alternative to Adobe Flash, but it’s much more than that. It’s a stable framework that supports web browsers in running rich internet applications. It helps browsers display high-quality multimedia content, graphics, and animations. It’s a freeware that facilitates developers to distribute high-quality content over the internet without breaking the bank. Micr...[Read More]

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