Google Earth Pro

Google Earth presents an earth model with the help of satellite imagery and world maps. You can view the map of the entire world as well as zoom in on particular areas. It possesses a simple and attractive GUI. Therefore, anyone can use it regardless of their expertise level. It’s a free application available for XP and later versions of Windows operating system. It’s a small-sized tool, which is ...

Advanced Installer 14.8 Professional

Advanced Installer 2018 is a professional product developed by Microsoft Corporation to simplify the process of software development and maintenance. Initially it was launched with name of Microsoft Installer in 1999, but was modified later to depict its diversity. It is generally used by professional software developers and organizations to prepare installation packages of developed applications ...

GiliSoft RAMDisk 6.7.0

Gilisoft RAMDisk is an effective tool that assists in improving computer performance. It creates a virtual storage space on RAM due to which the speed of activities is significantly increased. You can utilize its trial version to speed up important tasks without consuming large amount of system resources.

Dolphin 5.0

Dolphin is an emulator of Wii and GameCube Nintendo video gaming consoles. Both consoles are relatively new products and provide high quality experience to users. With the help of this software it is now possible for gamers to play their favorite games without the need of purchasing costly Nintendo sets. It is a free and open source tool that can run all types of commercial games. It is developed ...


BatteryCare is available for Windows operating system and provides statistical data about battery usage. It is useful for those who work with their laptops for longer time periods and wish to maximize battery time. It provides status and capacity of battery and notifies you whenever there is need to recharge it. It is a simple application suitable for both beginner and professional users.

Stellarium 0.18.0

Stellarium gives you a clear view of night time sky by using OpenGL as its basis. The idea of developing the planetarium software had popped up into the mind of Fabien Chereau who had launched the application in 2001. It is open source software therefore many other developers have added functionalities and made its interface more attractive. Due to colorful and interactive user interface, the aver...