Kaspersky System Checker (2018-01-11)
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Kaspersky System Checker (2018-01-11)
Kaspersky System Checker (2018-01-11)

Kaspersky System Checker 2018 is a maintenance tool that helps you detect issues with your computer. It was developed by Kaspersky Lab and provides efficient services free of cost. It performs detailed scan on system to find any issues being faced and generates scan results with great accuracy. The scan process is carried out for both hardware and their drivers. You can find out the problems with these components and take necessary steps to resolve them. It operates at fast speed and runs on low resources to avoid affecting the system performance. It is a reliable method to maintain high performance of your PC.

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System Scan:
Kaspersky System Checker is capable of detecting various types of issues through its efficient scan function. It lets you know about missing or corrupt drivers, malware presence and host file modifications. The report also contains problems occurred while looking for system vulnerabilities, critical system updates, firewall problems, anti-virus software issues, system dumps, system uptime, size of system temporary folder, size of user temporary folder and user account controls. You can also rescan PC or save report as HTML file. Search button lets you find specific problems by entering keywords.

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