A Review of Samsung Gear S4

Are you a fan of Samsung products? If you are, then you will love what 2018 has in store for you. Samsung is set to launch its latest smartwatch, Samsung Gear S4, this year. Based on the company’s trend in releasing smartwatches over the years, people are expecting that the Gear S4 will be launched in August. However, there is a chance that Samsung might surprise us and launch it before then...[Read More]

The Latest Update on How to troubleshoot and Fix iOS 11 Problems

Nowadays, there are many iOS carriers, devices, and a variety of settings you may have ticked unknowingly when using your iOS device. To get your iPad or iPhone back to its better performance, you need to troubleshoot and fix the minor problems being caused by your iOS 11 settings. Currently, iOS 11.2.5 is the latest version of the Apple mobile operating system, though the plans of anticipating iO...[Read More]

All about Android P -Android 9 release

Google is planning to make inroad in markets share of Apple through major interface changes in Android P with its Android 9 release and likely to get launch in Pixel 3, later in August or September 2018. As per Bloomberg, ‘Pistachio Ice Cream’ is its internal name and official name could be based on some confectionery and desserts name. Features of Android P-Android 9 release: The main...[Read More]

Top 4 PS4 Games Coming In 2018 That You Must Play

Do you have a PS4? If you have it then you are one of the lucky people that can enjoy the best games in the world. We love PS4 games and now we will give you our list of the best games for 2018 that you must play at any cost! The Last of Us 2 PS4 Game The Last of Us 2 PS4 game is one of the most expected games in 2018. It can be categorized as survival horror game and the developer is called Naugh...[Read More]

Eye scans algorithm Google used for predicting heart disease risk

Heart disease and heart attack is a major health problem in most countries, and the conventional methods of checking for heart disease are expensive, time consuming and intrusive, require specialized equipment and a visit to a doctor or hospital with the relevant facilities. To overcome the problem, it was recently announced that Verily, the health tech group of Google has developed a new method o...[Read More]

Chrome all-new and mighty ad blocker goes live

Have you been intermittently annoyed by ‘prestitial’ ads and their usual countdown , and pop-ups with sound volume equalling that of a stadium speaker at a JLO concert but think that your current browsers setting isn’t reall on you side in this? Fear no more, as Google has promised to to put an end to all that. The new Google Chrome ad blocker is as clever as it gets and can inge...[Read More]

Only Winners Use Google Pay, Android Pay Is For The Rest

Android pay and Google Pay are digital wallets created by Google in 2015 to enable prompt transfer of funds using android devices (phones, tablets, smart watches) From a layman’s point of view, one cannot really tell the functionality supremacy of Google Pay over Android Pay since they function almost similarly. They have a friendly user interface hence easy to use and operate. The apps are compat...[Read More]

Windows 10 to be improved more by an Insider’s system of “Cohorts”

Microsoft is currently working and testing a new system for user feedback available only to Windows Insiders. This will be the system of “Cohorts”. Microsoft created this system so that they can get very targeted and specific feedback for different elements of the Windows 10 OS. What exactly are “Cohorts”, Cohorts are different groups of testers, where each group focuses on...[Read More]

About Samsung Galaxy S9 release date, price, news and rumors

We all loved everything about the Galaxy S8.The elegant design it had, the greatly improved features and the new curved style gave the phone its huge popularity. Likewise, we can expect more of Samsung this year, the Galaxy S9 is about to be here. Breaking news? Of course not we have been waiting for the release of this new brilliant device for long. Expected Features Actually, with all rumored an...[Read More]

How To Secure Your Passwords

Another large website was hacked today and email addresses and passwords of over a million people were stolen from the Ubuntu community forum. This follows a string of break-ins including Gawker, Yahoo, Twitter, Spotify, government websites, schools and many lesser known sites. There are over 50 million known stolen credentials. It is important to re-evaluate your password management. Never use th...[Read More]