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Ableton Live is an amazing software that provides many functions related to music. New audios can be recorded, customized and then played on stage. Usually it is used by DJs for equalizing or making the music compatible with the environment.

Software details

mac / Windows 10 / Windows 8

Software description

Ableton Live Suite, the popular digital audio workstation, is back, and is better, much better. Always in favor of immediacy and a fluid working method, Ableton Live Suite brings new tools, as well as improving other known ones.

One of the best attributes of Ableton Live Suite, which improves version after version, is the speed and flexibility with which it allows you to capture a musical idea in just a few minutes or seconds. The Berlin company has earned its popularity among the great DAW software because of how simple and satisfying it is to produce a song, create beats, or improvise in a live session -among many other actions that you surely know.

Being a software that has been with us for several years now, what can we expect in the new version of Ableton Live Suite?

Visual enhance.

Without abandoning its minimalist and sharp look, the browser icons are more eye-catching and the transport controls (record, play) display a slightly larger size. The most noticeable visual improvement affects the view of arrangements. And there we see that the clips have a flatter and more minimalist look, being highlighted when you select them. In the case of audio clips and with the track enlarged, drag points appear to create cross-fades between clips. Thus, in one stroke, the fade option in each audio track has disappeared from the automation mode.

Smoother, Improved Editing with Ableton Live Suite.

By taking a closer look at the editing aspects of Ableton Live , manipulation of audio clips is now more immediate and straightforward. There are fade points at the ends of each clip, but there’s more in this suite. Dragging them at one end, while holding down the [Shift] key (the old case), will stretch or shrink the audio sample. And the good thing is that you do timestretching at the same time, adapting to the bars you choose, all in sync with the tempo of your project. This is only one example of what you can do with this new version.

As for MIDI editing, it is now possible to edit multiple MIDI clips at once. Select the MIDI clips you want in the Arrange View, and from their note editor you can arrange and retouch all of them at once. We recommend that you use colors for each track/clip when editing, so that you are clear about what you are modifying.

Programmed sensations: the new automation mode.

Another great new feature is the automation process, which is actually a new mode in Ableton Live . When you press the [A] key, the corresponding tabs on the track header appear, as well as the parameter automation lines. This way you can switch between the Array View and editing in automation mode. Even from the latter, you can still cut, stretch and invert your audio clips. Also now the change points in the automation curves adapt to the bar grid, and if you drag them to the next point, they disappear and reappear if you go backwards. If you also double-click on a blank space in the track, you will create a new automation point. As in previous versions, holding down the [Alt] key while dragging an automation line will allow you to shape it and create smoother or more abrupt changes.

Happy accidents: don’t let any idea slip through your fingers.

The ‘Capture’ feature is another great reason to switch to Ableton Live . Now, your DAW is always “listening” to your performances. So if something great comes up when you’re rehearsing a new tune, or playing a rhythm, and you forget to press the record, you don’t have to worry. Press the new ‘Capture’ button, and you’ll get a MIDI clip with the notes you played, so you’ll never again lose a unique element because you didn’t record it in time. Simply excellent.

We do not miss the obvious reference of the new devices in Ableton Live 

  • “Echo” is the new delay unit, which you will fall in love with instantly. It brings together the best of the old analog delays – did someone say dub sound? Without forgetting elements of the digital units.
  • With its overdrive, distortion and fuzz circuit emulation of guitar/bass pedals, ‘Pedal’ is the new effect that will delight musicians and lovers of the most extreme and saturated sounds.
  • And ‘Drum Buss’ is another powerful device nominated to be a regular in our production sessions. An all-in-one effect focused on processing batteries with excellent quality.

Many new things keeping the best of the old ones. Ableton Live Suite is just amazing.