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Avast Secure Browser is an online safe security browser. It blocks dangerous sites, downloads and links before they ever reach your computer. Privacy settings let you control cookie collection.

Software description

Avast Secure Browser offers robust protection against viruses, malware, phishing scams and other threats. It also prevents companies from snooping on your browsing. It stops ad trackers and hides your IP address to keep your activity private. With built-in VPN service, you can securely connect through remote servers worldwide. Navigating the web is smooth too. Avast combines speedy performance with handy features like tab pinning, webpage translation, bookmark syncing across devices, and online wallet storage for easy form filling. If you’re seeking a browser focused on security, privacy and convenience, go with Avast. It offers peace of mind knowing your browsing is protected while providing a smooth user experience.

 HTTPS Encryption

One of the key security features of Avast Secure Browser is its use of HTTPS encryption for websites. HTTPS encrypts the connection between the browser and visited websites to prevent tampering with traffic. This protects against man-in-the-middle attacks where hackers try to intercept sensitive information transmitted online. Avast Secure Browser has HTTPS Everywhere integration which automatically redirects HTTP sites to their secure HTTPS versions when available. The browser also clearly labels connection security with color-coded indicators so users know when browsing is protected. Sites with invalid or no HTTPS have the connection blocked entirely as an extra precaution. By leveraging HTTPS encryption, Avast Secure Browser significantly enhances the security of online transactions, logins, and general browsing. User data is much less vulnerable to being stolen or compromised.

Privacy Cleaner

The Privacy Cleaner is a key feature of Avast Secure Browser that automatically erases browsing data after each session to maintain privacy. It wipes potentially sensitive information that browsers normally store locally such as browsing history, cookies, cached files, passwords, and website form data. With this information deleted, nobody else who uses the same browser or device can view your past activity and stored credentials. Privacy Cleaner settings allow customizing exactly which data points are removed. Users can exclude trusted sites from being cleaned if they want to maintain login status or stored form data. The feature can be run manually at any time with just one click for immediate removal of all browsing traces. Privacy Cleaner even detects and clears trackers installed by websites for monitoring purposes. By regularly wiping local storage, Avast Secure Browser ensures each session starts fresh for a more private user experience.

Stealth Mode

Stealth Mode routes all traffic through Avast’s encrypted proxy network to mask IP addresses from sites visited. It also blocks browser fingerprinting which can identify unique configurations. To avoid leaving traces locally, Secure Browser’s Stealth Mode doesn’t store browsing history, downloads, or other user activity while active. Essentially, Stealth Mode provides private, untraceable browsing by preventing the storage and transmission of identifying data points. This protects user identity when accessing sensitive sites for banking, medical info, work, or other private purposes.

 Ad block and Anti-Tracking

Avast Secure Browser comes equipped with ad blocking and anti-tracking technology to prevent intrusive ads and website tracking. The integrated adblocker removes ads, popups, and other clutter that can harbor malware or slow down web surfing. Users can customize filtering by allow listing trusted sites and fine-tuning which ad types are blocked. Additionally, Avast’s anti-tracking feature stops websites from gathering data on your browsing habits and clicks to serve targeted ads. Anti-tracking blocks invisible trackers and counters fingerprinting techniques that identify users. Together adblocking and anti-tracking significantly improve both security and online experience. Browsing is smoother, safer, and spared of invasive targeted advertising.

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