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For your online protection, the AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2018 is the ideal tool. It comes with features that keep your business communication fast, clear and clean. Users send messages confidently by removing the clutter from the server inboxes. The edition comes with the email server security protection, the anti spam tool and scanner for emails.

Software details

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows PC

Software description

AVG Internet Security Business – Your computer is an important tool for your business. The machine is used in various applications that include surfing, typing, and connection to the printer, storing all the business data, receiving, and sending of email. Because of the delicate nature of the computer, users need to install the latest security measures to get protection. The AVG Internet Security Business Edition is installed to help users focus their growth on businesses relationship with supplies, partners and customers. It helps to make sure that your online data is secure when communicating. The AVG Internet Security Edition ensures your inboxes are free from viruses, allows free downloads, networks and workstations, safe file sharing, secure communication and providing an online anti spyware shield.

The features
Online security threat is among the most dangerous in the world as they can render your computer useless. The version helps to keep files and data safer by stopping the malicious viruses from arriving and infecting your personal computer. By installing it in your machine, you get the self-defense AVG tool, an enhanced firewall from AVG, a powerful anti virus and spyware and anti toolkit.

Maximize your business potential and save son time
Some online threats are hard to deal with as the software used takes longer to detect the problem and eliminate it. However, the AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2018 allows faster diagnosis of the problem by cleaning the infected system. First, you get a remote administration toolkit for security management, updates localized and networking tools for your security. The turbo scan makes it faster by scanning the files in sequence then saves them on the hard drives. You also enjoy the silent scanner when the AVG edition is in the process.

Safeguarding the client data
For businesses with an online presence, it is important to maintain their integrity. The AVG security edition provides this by making sure that the client data is stored safely. This is achieved by the AVG server file protection mechanism. This tool optimizes your server modules by scanning all local objects like tempered network and hashed passwords in different computers. Additionally, it provides identity protection by storing the sensitive data safely.

Keeping the employees safe online
One headache for every business manager is to keep their employees safe from malicious people when working online. The new AVG 2018 edition helps to keep the company employees safe. It allows the workforce to surf online, download files, search information and other online duties with an increased confidence. Here, the client gets the linkscanner, the online shields and the antivirus to keep off any attack from external forces like hackers. The AVG Internet Security Business Edition gives ultimate protection thus keeping your business secure, increasing the operation speed and bringing in online confidence.

Features AVG Internet Security 2018
– Keep your communication clean, clear and fast
– Minimize disruption to your business by securing your data
– Liberate your time so you can focus on your business
– Spend less on your protection, more on your growth
– Keep employees safe online
– Keep client information safe from hackers