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Cyberlink Director Suite is the dream of any audiovisual producer, being one of the most powerful advanced editing software in photography, video, color and music. It is possible to buy it for free and enjoy some of its most basic tools, however most of its features, especially those that make it really good, are in its paid version.

Software description

Of course, any user who wants to venture into the world of audiovisual editing and acquire a certain level, can get hold of this program and start learning from small tutorials.

Despite this, the truth is that the program is made for experts in the field to enjoy and take advantage of each and every one of its powerful editing tools.


To purchase the program we will only have to search for your name in our browser, the full generic name of the program or search for it through the company in charge of the design and sale of this and other similar programs: cyberlink.In either case we will end up being directed to the main page of the program, being able to view all its tools and access its download through a small tab where it indicates: “Free Download” or “Buy”.

Once the program is purchased and we have it downloaded on our devices, the next thing will be to install it through the installation window that the same software offers automatically.


It is a complete program that offers a multitude of functions for professionals in the sector, editing videos, photographs, color and audio tracks.


As for the video functions, through the PowerDirector tool will offer us all the possibilities that any professionals in the sector need: post production and preview of videos in 4K resolution, tracking movements by frames, editing chroma, timelines of up to 100 tracks, and much more.


It has a powerful image editing feature for the best creatives. With a large number of tools at the top of the image, where the user will have all the editing features available. Once you select what you are going to do, another larger panel will open to the left of the image being edited, always staying visible if the user prefers while the edit is finished and the image is modified.

Among the features available, it stands out: Advanced Layer editing, blur enhancer, connected shots, halo removal, etc.The results of this program are comparable to those that high prestige program like LightRooom or Photoshop could give.

It has a powerful image editing and optimization software, as well as having the possibility to complement its basic functions with extra plug-ins downloadable by the user.


Color control is another very important aspect for any video editor, and with this program you can control each and every one of its basic aspects: motion tracking, ability to import and export LUTs, infinite combination of colors, separation tones, regional settings, color replacement by frames, and more.

Without a doubt, one of the best tools available on the market for anyone who wants to start or consolidate like an editing professional.

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