Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access Download

Microsoft Access is a powerful integrated database management system (DBMS). Microsoft develops it expressly for creating advanced relational database architectures.

Software details

Windows PC

Software description

Microsoft Access is a software program released by Microsoft in 1992. Since then, it has had several different versions to improve its functionality. As it exist right now, this program uses data management to create queries and reports, which can be imported into other software programs like Microsoft Excel.

The Features

Microsoft Access is considered relational. It is a database application, which you will find included in the Office Suite; enabling the user to enter data, manage it and create simple or large reports. This software application is ideal for those who want to organize data quickly and accurately. Some of the features of this software program include:

  • Can be used by individuals, office or small team
  • Ability to create and publish data on the Internet
  • Can be used in-house to help maintain client server database
  • ‘Tell Me’ functionality helps user navigate the software easily
  • Used by developers to build customized solutions with VBA code
  • Ability to hide or show ribbon
  • Ability to create PDF documents using report output
  • Custom templates for regular users who build and publish their specific data; whether individual or company specific
  • Can interact with other data from other software applications
  • Easy data combination created in other software programs
  • Data transfer possible between programs
  • Ability to accumulate data and store it for a long period of time
  • Export data to MS Excel to do analysis
  • Ability to copy, paste and export objects such as a form or table
  • Can be viewed in report view, layout view, design view and print preview
  • In addition to reports tables and forms, the software program can also create queries

No Need For A License

This basic desktop application can be easily used without any license or any hardware requirement. For that reason, individuals and teams can do a Microsoft Access download for no additional cost. The software program offers several database solution advantages in comparison to Oracle and SQL Servers where the necessity for a database is not so high. Therefore, small teams may not have to purchase large resources to carry out basic needs that Microsoft Access can provide and simplify. In addition, the team does not need to have anyone else monitor or manage their access like the usual client server database applications might require.

Easy To Use In Comparison to Client Server Database Applications

Microsoft Access is so much easier to use and understand in comparison to client server database applications. As a personal computer program, ms access has become a leader among other similar applications. Special training is not required to use the software. The ‘help’ feature is explanatory and the built-in templates assist users to carry out different tasks quickly and easily. For those who use Microsoft Excel frequently, the MS Access software program will be much easier to master since it is similarly related to the fundamental concepts of MS Excel.

Relational Software Application

Even as a new user, you can teach yourself how to use this ms access software application for managing your database. The software stores various data sets called “Tables,” which are related to each other and when they are combined increases the flexibility of the created data. When the user joins these relatable tables, the system provides the user with additional flexible details and much more functionality; making what seems like complex tasks, easy and simple.