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Connect and catch up with friends, colleagues, and family using audio and video technology from FaceTime.

Software description

The Facetime app is an Apple-based application that lets users connect with other Apple products for video or audio conferencing. With this download, you can use video or audio technology to communicate with others. Not only can you talk to others while using the application, but you can also use a variety of popular Apple-based features such as stickers, Animojis, and much more. Up to 32 people can video conference at once.

Unlike other phone apps, this app uses the Internet to make phone or video calls and not an actual phone line. It’s a great way to stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues no matter where you are in comparison to those you want to connect with.


  • Watch videos and listen to music on audio or video
  • Screensharing
  • Video conference with up to 32 people at once
  • Mute alerts
  • Calls are made over the Internet
  • Video effects
  • Compatible with Apple-based devices
  • The app works with wi-fi or cellular data
  • Use links to invite family or friends to a call
  • Spotlight your voice
  • Put the focus on you

Feature Highlights


FaceTime uses synced playback to keep everyone on the same beat. Smart volume lets you easily talk over the music to keep the conversation going.

Screen Sharing

The screen sharing feature lets you use your Mac, iPad, or iPhone to merge your favorite apps while on FaceTime app.

Use Links for Invites

Get all your family or friends on the same call by sharing a link. The link can be shared anywhere, even non-Apple devices. For non-Apple devices, share the link with family and friends and have them join from their browser of choice; no log-in required.

Easily Spotlight Your Voice

Easily lock out ambient noise in your setting to spotlight your voice. The app’s Wide Spectrum feature allows you to bring only the sounds you want into the call.

Put the Focus on Your Face

Don’t worry about what’s in the background when you use portrait mode. This feature allows you to blur out what’s behind you, so your friends and family will only see your face.

Spatial Audio Helps You Understand Who’s Talking

Spatial audio technology allows you to quickly determine who’s talking by spreading out the direction in which a void is coming from. With this feature, your friends’ voices will come from the order in which they’re positioned on the call.

Grid View

Grid view can be used with spatial audio to help the speaker stand out from others on the call—the grid view feature highlights who’s talking.

Video Effects

Video effects make FaceTime calls fun and entertaining. Available products include place stickers, Animojis, and much more.

Use Front and Back Cameras

Both the front-facing and back-facing cameras are available with FaceTime. Use the front-facing camera to show your face and the back-facing camera to show those on the video conference what you’re looking at.

Compatible Platforms

FaceTime is an Apple-based product only, which means Android users will be left out of social interactions and group calls. Compatible platforms include iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and MAC devices.

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