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One of the best antivirus products on today’s market is G Data Antivirus, which is suitable for private use as well as for business usage.

Software details

Windows 11 / Windows PC

Software description

More and more computer users are paying attention to the almost daily headlines concerning data breaches and instances of malware corrupting machines and hijacking data. Hackers don’t limit their activities to large corporations or even small businesses, because it can be lucrative to attack private citizens as well. This being the case, many more people, and a number of small businesses as well, are installing antivirus applications on their computers to head off any threats that might hit them.

One of the best of these antivirus products is G Data Antivirus, and it’s a product that comes with an impressive pedigree. Its manufacturers are the same German manufacturers who invented the world’s first antivirus program in 1985, and they have been adapting it and refining it ever since. The company’s motto is Trust in German Sicherheit (Security), and there are some pretty good reasons why this would be sound advice.

The software package comes with the basic antivirus program, plus a spam filter, and a number of components that have been designed to fight ransomware and several other types of malware. In independent laboratory testing, G Data Antivirus routinely garners reviews ranging from good to excellent, and there’s no question that it is a highly effective tool you can use to fight viruses and malware.

Overall Security

Laboratory testing rates G Data Antivirus superior because it has an extremely comprehensive package of virus-fighting tools and scans included. You get real-time system protection because the package monitors all read-write operations on the system as they are actually happening.

There’s also an ‘idle scan’ tool, which initiates a full scan of the system when it falls idle. It includes a memory and startup scanner that guarantees no malicious programs will be running at the time you’re booting up your machine. To cover activity before a system boot there’s a rootkit system scanner that handles that situation. Any of the scans in the package can be manually scheduled, so they’ll automatically be initiated at the selected time frame.

Special Features

Probably the one thing that makes this virus protection tool one of the most complete on the market is all the extra features that are included with it. For instance, there’s a Parental Control feature that locks down any URL you identify to G Data Antivirus and prevents access. It also comes equipped with an AutoStart manager that gives you control over which programs should be included in the boot routine, and you can even specify when you’d like them to start if they are included.

These days, it’s a must to have keylogger protection control in your antivirus software, and G Data Antivirus does include an excellent one. You can select which programs you want the keylogger to run against, in case you actually have a case where you legitimately need your keyboard input to be captured. For those situations, you can specify an exception to the rule, so keylogging is still done on other programs.

Of course, there’s a firewall included in your G Data Antivirus package as well, and it does provide maximum control over both inbound and outbound firewall settings. There’s even a BankGuard Utility which guards and protects any banking transactions you make when you visit banking websites. You will also be prompted by G Data Antivirus if you are using weak passwords when connecting to WiFi – because this is a security threat all by itself. Once you’ve been alerted, you’ll have the opportunity to switch to a stronger, more secure password.

Ease of Use

G Data Antivirus is one of the easiest antivirus programs you’re likely to encounter, and that’s a tribute to the fact that it has been around for more than 30 years, and all the operational glitches have long since been identified and removed. Even though the package includes a number of special features, they’re all nested within easily retrievable menus that make for a very orderly selection process. The ease of use is one of the big selling points of G Data Antivirus, so if you’re someone who is not particularly computer-savvy, this is the software for you.


There is a Q&A page on the manufacturer’s website, and this does answer many of the most common questions and issues that users have. You can also use their ticket system if you need technical assistance, and the ticket will help move your request along to the right person. There’s also an international telephone number provided, which you can make use of at any time, and that will put you in touch with the Technical Support team.

A knowledge base is provided, and it’s possible that your issue has been experienced by other users and is described in this resource. If so, there is probably also an answer or some kind of resolution to the problem.


As most software packages are these days, the pricing for G Data Antivirus is arranged at tier levels and goes according to the number of devices you need protection for. You can only protect five devices at once when buying a single license for the product, but that’s enough to provide all the protection you could need. For the base product, you can expect to pay $29.95 per year, for G Data Internet Security, it will cost $39.95 a year, and for G Data Total Security, it will cost $49.95 annually.