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Gacha Club is a game designed for devices that allows you to create your own characters and tell captivating stories. Gacha Club provides an interface that lets aspiring creators bring their anime worlds to life with ease.

Software description

Gacha Club provides the freedom to customize your anime-style characters by choosing from a range of options, for their hair outfits, accessories and more. Gacha Club also provides backgrounds and poses to help you craft your stories. Moreover, you can bring your characters to life by creating skits with scenes, dialogues and props. To enhance the experience, you can add music, audio effects and visual effects to make your videos polished and professional looking. It is like a production studio on your phone where imaginations can flourish into captivating tales.


Story Mode

Gacha Clubs Story Mode allows players to create stories using their custom characters. You can arrange animated scenes on a timeline. Add dialogue, props, effects and music to enhance the storytelling experience. Gacha Club provides a library of backgrounds, poses and camera angles that you can customize making it easy to direct your scenes. Smooth transitions ensure that the story flows seamlessly between shots. Additionally, you have the option to customize expressions and add text effects during dialogue sequences for an immersive experience. In essence, Story Mode gives you the tools to imagine a narrative arc, script moments and bring your vision to life. With its user options, anyone can create animated stories, skits, music videos and more.


Gacha Club includes games that offer a break, from the storytelling and provide some enjoyable gameplay. These mini games, such as Rock, Paper, Scissors, a rhythm game and a collectible card battler offer distractions. By playing these games, players earn in-game currency that they can spend in the Gacha summoning shop. Moreover, players have the option to bring their custom characters into the games for some company. Essentially, these mini games add variety to the focus of the game’s narrative. They allow you to get creative in ways or take a break, from intense gameplay. These quick and accessible experiences help keep the pace exciting.

Units and Pets

In Gacha Club, you’ll find customization features called Units and Pets. Units had designed characters that you can summon to join your party adding variety to your storytelling experience. There are, over 100 Units in the in-game shop, which you can purchase using the currency you earn while playing. On the other hand, Pets serve as companions, for your main characters. You have a choice of 30 options, including cats, dogs, bears and even dragons. You can give them outfits and accessories to make them stand out. Essentially, Units and Pets expand your roster of characters and enhance your creations. With players involved in the game, you’ll be able to create extensive stories and explore broader worlds.

Customizable Backdrops

Gacha Club offers a range of options that can personalize to create unique scenes. You have the choice of cityscapes, bedrooms, school classrooms and more providing settings for your stories. Moreover, each backdrop can modify with changes, in lighting, color filters, overlays and various animated environmental effects. This allows you to craft the mood, ambiance and tone of your narrative. In essence, the customizable backdrops give creators the opportunity to add their touch to their scenes. The settings transform from generic to one-of-a-kind. When combined with character poses creators have the freedom to bring their vision to life with flexibility.

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