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Gacha Club is a role-playing game (RPG) available on mobile devices via the Apple Store and Google Play. Initially, the game’s original release was available only on Android, but soon after made its debut on iOS. There’s now a version available for Windows desktop devices.

Software details

Android / iphone / Windows 11

Software description

Players take control of a customizable character while gameplay unfolds in three primary categories: Mini Games, Battle, and Character Customization.

Character Customization

This feature provides players the chance to make custom appearance changes to 100 different avatars. 10 are playable at any given time, while the other 90 must be stored and saved but are available to swap with any of the additional 10 during gameplay.

The customization level of each avatar is highly detailed. Players can change the avatars down to the most delicate details – their head size, hairstyle, nose and mouth shape, and skin tone. Multiple wardrobes are available and dozens of different accessories and items for battle.

Players can change any character at any given time. For example, you can customize an avatar for an extended period and completely revamp the character with a totally new look.

Gacha Club’s studio allows you to take photos of the characters and the pets that accompany them. With the studio, you can craft entire collages with multiple backgrounds and other elements and even add your own speech bubbles to create dialogue.

Battle Mode

Gacha Club’s battle mode has a primary storyline to follow with other breakaway areas players can enter (Elemental Towers, Training Mode, etc.). Instead of voice actors, the story unfolds via text windows, so an appropriate reading level is required.

When players enter into battle mode, their characters encroach on combatants automatically. If you wish to, tapping on a character allows you to showcase their primary power.

The idea is to collect different items as the story unfolds that you trade for upgrades to your character, building them up as the story goes along. As you win battles, you’ll also accrue a form of money.

Mini Mode

Mini mode is a series of mini-games you can play for Gacha Club mentioned above money. These harmless games like a dance contest and a matching game allow young players to test their coordination and memory.

As you progress through the storyline and rack up mini-game wins, the money you earn is used to redeem “Gacha Pulls,” which reveal new pets for your characters and battle units. These items are uncovered in a “hidden package,” so what you purchase is always a surprise.

You have 180 units and 150 pets to collect throughout Gacha Club. Unlike most other games, Gacha Club does not allow purchases – this means all players are created equal, and the power level is based solely on gameplay alone, which significantly evens out the playing field for players of all stripes.

On the official website, players can keep track of the highest ranked players in addition to entering separate contests.


Gacha Club is rated for everyone over the age of 10. It’s available for play on:

  • Android devices via Google Play
  • Apple devices via the App Store
  • Windows devices via Desktop app through the official website.