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GOM Cam is quite easy to use and lets you capture screenshots and record videos at the same time. A large number of effects can be included to enhance quality. Zoom tool is capable of zooming in up to 4 times for clear graphics. Draw tool adds custom shapes and effects to show emphasis on certain points of images. It is a customizable application that can be easily adjusted according to the settings preferred by users.










Software description

If you’re looking for a good screen recorder, you might be confused since there are so many options on the market. Indeed, there are so many tools that are developed to serve different purposes. However, if you’re looking for a more well-rounded screen recorder that also has many features, then you should take a look at GOM Cam.

GOM Cam is a great screen recording tool from GOM. It has been developed to serve different needs. Are you studying at home? Worry no more. GOM Cam considered the current situation and made effective use of its technologies to let students record online classes. You surely don’t want something that buggy and slow. Luckily, GOM Cam is speedy and lightweight, so your computer won’t lag when you’re doing something else while screen recording.

GOM Cam – What can you do with it?

  • Multi-purpose tool
  • Built-in video editor
  • Intuitive file management
  • Edit video thumbnails
  • Extract audio from videos


Everyone can use GOM Cam for free. If you want to unlock more features, you can pay for the pro versions. It is available as a basic license for $27, pro for $37, and as a $10 upgrade for basic users to pro.

GOM Cam – Review of functionalities

Multi-purpose tool

Unlike other competing screen capture tools out there, GOM Cam is developed to cater to different needs. Since users have many reasons to use a screen recording tool, GOM made its app versatile and flexible for different workflows. It means that whether you’re streaming, creating a clip for a YouTube video, or recording an online class for review, GOM Cam can adapt to your work. It will not slow down on you. Go out there and start recording.

Built-in video editor

After recording a video, you can export it directly to your computer. However, if you want to make sure that you got the shot right, GOM Cam has a built-in video editor. You can do basic things such as trimming, cropping, and many more. It has a little more complex features such as filters, effect, adding text, and more.

Intuitive file management

It has an intuitive file management system. If you’re used to your computer’s file explorer, then you’ll love how GOM Cam manages its files even more. All your screen recordings are displayed on the home screen for easy access. Similarly, you can attach tags to videos to make them even more organized and easy to find. You’ll indeed thank GOM Cam for its incredible file management system when you have so many videos lying around.

Edit video thumbnails

In addition to managing files and videos, you can also modify the thumbnail of your videos. It’s not always sure that these thumbnails will be adapted to the application, website, or device you’re going to upload them. However, it’s great to know that it has this feature.

You can make your videos more organized and easy to look at on your home screen. It makes searching for videos more straightforward and more manageable when you have more videos there.

Extract audio from videos

GOM Cam can extract audios from your screen recording. If you only want to listen to a video, you can do so with it.

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