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Kaspersky Endpoint Security is a powerful suite designed to protect your computer from any virtual threat. In addition to the function of antivirus, it works as firewall, anti-phishing, anti-spam and pop-up blocker.







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Kaspersky Endpoint Security is the embodiment of next-generation antivirus solutions that uses cloud infrastructure to detect and eliminate threats in real-time. With unparalleled proactive technology, Kaspersky Endpoint Security is now more powerful than ever without exhausting system resources. Privacy is the core focus and with the aid of comprehensive features, Endpoint Security stops threats even before they get the chance to compromise a system.


– Designed for businesses. Endpoint Security comes with an extended suite of management tools. It makes it easier to manage the security of multiple devices in an organization using the web and device controls, patch management, data encryption, and proactive protection technologies.

– Ransomware protection. Endpoint Security has been updated to deal with the latest ransomware threats so protect your data and the integrity of your systems.

– Antivirus protection. With frequent definition updates, Endpoint Security remains on top of all threats, being capable of detecting the latest virus signatures and preventing infections from spreading across a network. With a high detection rate, the security solution ensures no threat can infiltrate the network.

– Efficient resource utilization. Endpoint Security received multiple updates to improve its efficiency. Even when a full system scan is performed, system performance will not take a big hit, allowing you to remain productive and continue using your computer.

– Cloud scanning. The use of cloud technology allows Endpoint Security to boost its efficiency. Files are scanned using cloud resources while still preserving privacy. No files or personal information is uploaded to the cloud.

– File encryption. Endpoint Security enables you access to powerful file encryption. It can be used to encrypt entire hard drives or just folders ensuring that in the event of a theft, your files and information will not be compromised.

– IT environment management. Endpoint Security makes the management of network devices much easier. With a simple console, you can manage the resources across an entire network, replicate specific settings, update policies, or manage access to assets.

– Secure backup solution. The File Level Encryption feature enables IT specialists, to schedule a regular backup of files. The files can be encrypted and stored directly on a shared location. It can also create self-extracting packages and encrypted files and folders.

– Remote wipe. Endpoint Security makes it easy to delete files and folders remotely. It allows the creation of a scheduled task that can delete certain files and folders as defined by the rules.

– Proactive security. Kaspersky Endpoint Security monitors the security and integrity of Windows-based systems in real-time. It checks all application activities and blocks threats even before they get the chance to infect a system.

– Malware protection. Endpoint Security protects all systems against all types of malicious attacks. It can block malware, ransomware, viruses, Trojans, intrusive applications, keyloggers, adware, and many more.

– Low cost of ownership. Endpoint Security is available as a suite in multiple packages that include the client version and the management tools. Overall, it helps reduce the costs of having a security solution on each system in the organization and offers multiple advantages such as low network loads and rapid deployment.

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