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Kaspersky System Checker is an efficient security application that can run without any installation. It is easy to use and runs thorough scans for detecting errors, vulnerabilities and malware in the system memory. The scan results can be converted into reports that will help you understand the nature of issues and solve them at the earliest.

Software description

Are you looking for a free tool to protect your Windows computer malware? Do you want cleaner storage? If you answer both of the questions with yes, then look no further. While there are so many protection tools available on the market right now, none of them can protect your device while maintaining its storage optimization.

Kaspersky System Checker is a freeware that’s developed so users will have a way to defend their devices from malware. It can fix issues and vulnerabilities on your machine, so you don’t have to be annoyed all the time by them. Lastly, it can optimize your computer’s storage so you can experience fast operations.

Highlight features of Kaspersky System Checker

  • Built-in file explorer
  • Strong antivirus
  • Device manager
  • System updater
  • Applications monitor
  • Storage cleaner
  • And many more

Primary functionalities of Kaspersky System Checker

Built-in file explorer

If you’re tired of the staleness of the built-in file explorer, you can utilize Kaspersky System Checker’s built-in file manager. It can do the basics of file management with other simple features. It is useful when you’re trying to clean your computer’s storage, and you don’t want to switch to different programs since it can be quite a chore. By using the built-in file explorer, you can browse and clean your storage without leaving the app. In the long run, it will save you more time and will allow you to pinpoint precisely the locations of the files that you used less.

Strong antivirus

Kaspersky System Checker scans all your files, system configuration, and installed application for malware and other vulnerabilities. It fixes issues that could lead to attacks and other problems. When it detects a malware, it will eradicate them to make your device secure.

Device manager

Similar to your operating system, Kaspersky System Checker has included a device manager feature. It scans and identifies devices that are connected to your computer or network. It will advise and notify you of suspicious devices and some that might incur malware or issues.

System updater

System updates are very critical to your device’s stability and performance. If you don’t regularly update your machine, you can experience slowdowns or the bugs you’re annoyed with will not be fixed. Luckily, Kaspersky System Checker can automatically detect and install system updates. You shouldn’t worry. It will allow you to choose if you want to update manually or update when you’re not using your computer.

Applications monitor

It will monitor your applications and their processes. It can identify what apps consume the most system resources. It will also advise you to remove programs that can cause or have caused problems.

Storage cleaner

Above all, Kaspersky System Checker can clean your device’s storage. Free up more space for more important things in your life. Make room for documents and other essential tasks your computer is processing.

Completely free

Best of all, Kaspersky System Checker is completely free. It’s yours, no strings attached. Clean, manage and protect your devices as much as you like. We believe that everyone should have easy access to protection tools and applications, especially since we’re living in a technology-centered world. Download Kaspersky System Checker and make your computer faster and safer.

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