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Microsoft Security Essentials is an effective solution that is a must for every Windows PC. It can efficiently find any virus and spyware present in system memory and deactivates it by changing its status to Quarantine. Its everyday definition updates ensure that the software is in the best condition and is capable of keeping your system and data away from access of unauthorized users.

Software description

Microsoft Security Essentials, or MSE, was the first attempt by Microsoft at producing a self-reliant security software. MSE is an antivirus software that is effective in dealing with different types of malicious programs such as spyware, Trojan horses, and computer viruses. Microsoft Security Essentials is designed for personal computers and individuals with small businesses since it is light, easy to install and use, and it is based on the same technology that Microsoft uses on its products, such as malicious software removal tools and Microsoft Forefront. MSE is one of the best antivirus tools with cutting edge features. It is absolutely free, which makes it an excellent solution if you are not looking for premium products.


Like many antivirus programs, MSE offers outstanding features that enable it to fight threats and harmful software more effectively. Some features of MSE include;

Real-time protection
System cleaning
System scanning
Root-kit protection
Windows firewall integration
Dynamic signature service

Microsoft Security Essentials features real-time protection that enables it to continually monitor computer activities while scanning new files as they are created and downloaded. This software can quarantine detected threats, and it will prompt you with relevant information on how to deal with different types of threats. If you do not respond within ten minutes, the threats will still be handled according to the default application setting, which ensures that your personal computer is always virus-free.

Microsoft Security Essentials automatically scans for and downloads software definition updates from the Microsoft cloud, which is updated three times a day. MSE users also have an option to download the updates manually. MSE documents and reports all suspicious malware or program activities to the Microsoft Active Protection Service. If the reports are similar to newly discovered spyware threats without definitions, the software will automatically download a new definition to deal with the threat.

Using its dynamic signature service and windows firewall integration, Microsoft Security Essentials can run a program before it is installed onto your PC to determine whether it is good or bad. New applications are monitored even after they are installed to ensure that they do not introduce malware and dangerous files to your computer. This feature prevents many programs from downloading malicious content in the background and performing potentially harmful activities like modifying your operating system. This software will enable your computer to work efficiently, even on metered connections.


Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) is a software that is designed to perform its functions effectively and admirably. It is easy to use, and it has a friendly user interface. Despite its robust nature, MSE was intended for older versions of windows. It runs effectively on Windows Vista, XP, and Windows 7. The latest versions of windows; Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10, have an inbuilt windows defender that automatically takes care of all malware and threats. If you have not upgraded to the latest versions of Windows, Microsoft Security Essentials is the best free solution for your PC.

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