Microsoft Security Essentials Definition

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Microsoft Security Essentials is an effective solution that is a must for every Windows PC. It can efficiently find any virus and spyware present in system memory and deactivates it by changing its status to Quarantine. Its everyday definition updates ensure that the software is in the best condition and is capable of keeping your system and data away from access of unauthorized users.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

Perhaps you want to use a protection tool for your computer from a reputable source. If you’re going to safeguard your PC, why not get the software that’s made by the same developer of your machine’s OS? If you’re wondering what tool you should use, read on.

Meet Microsoft Security Essentials Definition. Made and maintained by Microsoft, the developer of Windows OS, Microsoft Security Essentials Definition is a great way to secure your computer. Today, there are so many malware and vulnerabilities online that attackers use to steal information and data. Protecting your devices from these cyber criminals should not be that hard. Microsoft Security Essentials Definition makes it easier to achieve total device security.

Microsoft Security Essentials Definition – Key Functions

  • Completely free
  • Easy to deploy and use
  • Lightweight
  • Strong firewall
  • System protection and scanning

Microsoft Security Essentials Definition: Why should I get it?

Microsoft Security Essentials Definition is a potent and reliable protection tool for Windows machines. If you’re still not using it, you’re missing out a lot. First, unlike other programs that charge users a premium price, it’s an entirely free program. Next, since Microsoft itself develops the tool, you shouldn’t worry about it having a back door or malware.

Lastly, Microsoft probably applied the complete knowledge it has for Windows and used it to the Microsoft Security Essentials Definition. It means that it can achieve an excellent performance and optimization level more than other tools.

Microsoft Security Essentials Definition – Major functionalities

Completely free

Microsoft Security Essentials Definition is an entirely free tool. It has so many features and reliable functionalities that you don’t expect it to be free. Microsoft made Microsoft Security Essentials Definition available for everyone to use, so users don’t have to shell out cash to safeguard their precious computers.

Easy to deploy and use

Microsoft Security Essentials Definition is straightforward to deploy and use. Getting started, you have to download it to the official site of Microsoft, making it even more secure and convenient. Next, you only need to install it by following the step-by-step guide found on most application setups. After installation, it will run quietly in the background. Rest assured, your computer is protected from outside attacks and threats.


Unlike other similar tools that hog almost the majority of system resources, Microsoft Security Essentials Definition will run quietly in the background. It was developed to be as lightweight as it could get. It doesn’t consume that much memory, so users with not-so-powerful machines don’t have to worry. It is optimized to run on Windows, making the experience more seamless.

Strong firewall

Protect your computer and even your home network from malware and attackers. Hackers might want to compromise and gain access to your computer. They might steal sensitive information and other relevant data, so it is necessary to take action. Microsoft Security Essentials Definition includes a firewall to the program. It will deploy a layer of protection that will screen devices and queries to observe suspicious activities. Web packets are scanned and protected from intruders to ensure total network security.

System protection and scanning

Above all, Microsoft Security Essentials Definition scans and protects your computer at all times. It will scan files, devices, and applications for malware and threats every hour of the day. If a threat is identified, it has deployed different layers of protection. It allows users to select real-time scanning, so malware and vulnerabilities will be detected when entering the system.