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Microsoft Security Essentials is an award-winning protection software. It guards the user’s system from intruders without getting in the user’s way. It is the perfect choice for both individuals, and businesses.

Software description

Microsoft Security Essentials is a software that guards a user’s Windows PC from even the modern malware attacks. It is a freemium antivirus software for Windows systems. If this software is present in the user’s computer, it will run quietly in the background. In addition, it will defend users against all kinds of malware attacks. This consists of viruses such as spyware, Trojan horses, and many more.

In addition, Microsoft Security Essentials offers real-time protection from harmful malware attacks to the users’ system. Selecting the perfect antivirus protection for their cluster can be a hard task. Therefore, users need to moderate the size of the software, and will impact the speed of their system. It also affects the price, and the degree of protection it provides.

Microsoft Security Essentials is mid-range antivirus application that users may have for free in their windows. This application receives signature updates to help protect a user’s pc from the current types of malware. These updates are available within the program to make strong against increasingly modern system attacks.

There is Microsoft Essentials 64-bit that is an antivirus software for Windows 7, and 10 operating systems. It is very easy to navigate, and it runs automatically in the background carrying out system checks keeping off malware attacks as well as flagging up suspicious sites. The good thing about is that it is absolutely free. Also, the protection from the software is basic in comparison to cloud-based antivirus programs. However, the main advantage of a system-integrates software such as MSE is that it is less resource heavy. In addition, its scanning is can be faster.

To run Microsoft Security Essentials, users will need at least 200 MB of space available on their hard disk. Besides, they will need 1 GB RAM or above that. Other requirements include a VGA display of 800 by 600 or above. A CPU clock speed of GHz or higher is also necessary.

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