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mIRC 2018 is one of the most popular IRC or Internet Relay Chat Client that lets you chat with your friends across multiple chat engines. It was developed in 1995 to provide support for Microsoft Windows operating system. It is a social platform that creates a virtual connection through which you can get connected and send messages to your friends living at the other ends of the world. Not only it is low resource consuming software, but it can also be used in portable mode via removable devices.

Software description

mIRC is the ultimate tool for chatting and communicating with other people in the IRC network. It is the best and most reputed choice for Windows machines. In using mIRC, you can chat, share, or even work or play with other people in the same network worldwide. Above all, you can chat privately and create or join groups.

If you’re looking to use mIRC, you should first understand what and how IRC works. IRC or Internet Chat Relay, in its most basic explanation, is a network that allows people to communicate worldwide. In detail, it is an application layer protocol that allows users to communicate. Unlike most messaging platforms, users can host and connect to different servers. After connecting to a server, you can chat and transfer files to almost anyone on that same network.

Using IRC over most messaging platform boils down to freedom and privacy. The data and messages you transfer over messaging services are stored on the company’s server, and that most of them aren’t that secure. IRC, on the other hand, will be private and secure when you want it to be. You can use different security protocols and proxies to mask your connection. It can’t be denied that most feel comfortable chatting with other people when they know that their conversations are private.

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