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Protect your use-data and personal information from advertisers, hackers, and access geo-restricted content wherever you go with Norton Secure VPN

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What is a VPN?

Virtual private networks mask the location and IP address of the user and encrypt their activity. When you use a VPN, you will appear to be accessing the Internet through a location other than your actual location, protecting your privacy, anonymizing your activity, and giving you access to Geo-restricted content.

Many VPN providers retain access to your personal and use data. They may sell or use this data for their own purposes. Norton VPN maintains the highest level of integrity with a long list of powerful privacy protection features. These include:

Online Privacy

  • Protects your privacy online by shielding your data and location from advertisers, websites, and criminals
  • Block ad tracking software, helping to reduce targeted ads and pop-ups

Secure Wi-Fi Access

  • Enables you to check email, use social media and make payments using public Wi-Fi hot-spots without worrying about your data being intercepted


  • Uses enterprise-grade encryption to ensure the information you send and receive is safe

Content Access

  • Enables access to your favorite apps and sites regardless of Geo-restrictions

Enjoy Secure Online Freedom Anywhere

Norton VPN gives you clear indications that your connection is protected. You’ll see when your VPN is active or inactive, where you are located, which remote server your activity is being routed through, and its location. This lets you change your server for greater privacy and to avoid Geo-restrictions. Perhaps most importantly, Norton VPN masks your activity and location from tracking software, cookies, and malware that can compromise your security and abuse your data.

Whether you use Wi-Fi hotspots for work, for pleasure, or for keeping in touch with friends, family, and business contacts – Norton VPN lets you do so safely and securely.

Norton VPN Highlights

There are a lot of VPNs out there for you to choose from. Norton VPN rises above the crowd to offer superior protection and unparalleled access.

Enterprise-Grade Encryption

Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi encryption enables you to use your laptop or mobile device with confidence, even while using hot spots and unsecured networks.

Anonymous Browsing

Your use-data is valuable, and should not be given away for free. Norton VPN lets you browse anonymously without being tracked by advertisers.

Full Mobile Access

Some sites and content are blocked in certain parts of the world. Norton Secure VPN gives you access to your favorite websites, videos, or apps no matter where you travel.

Robust Ad Blocking

Online marketing firms and corporate advertisers are desperate to glean your use data from the web. Norton VPN lets you block most tracking software, avoid being tracked, and prevents your valuable information from being taken without your permission.

A Legacy of Security

Norton VPN is built on top of a powerful security framework that has been successfully protecting users for over 20 years. Today’s security needs make having a VPN a basic level of security that no one should be without.