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NoScript is a useful add-on of Mozilla based web browsers that assists you in obtaining browsing security. Execution of scripts performs many operations on webpages, but it can also be the cause of malware. This tool fights against harmful scripts effectively and lets you choose safe websites so that no action should be taken against them. It is an advanced tool preferred by experienced users.








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Software description

Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to prevent websites from executing scripts? Did you know about the dangers that scripts can do? Do you only want trusted websites to run scripts? Worry no more. If you’re using a Firefox-based browser, you can use a free extension to do this.

NoScript for Firefox, a free firefox extension, tries to solve this problem. As you see, since there are many things that websites can do with scripts, it’s been a way that harmful ones do bad things on your browser. They can use scripts to capture login credentials, inject malware to your computer, and many more. One way to protect yourself from this type of attack is by allowing trusted sites to run scripts. If you change each website’s settings, it can be quite a chore and unreliable always to work. What you can do is use NoScript. It allows users to input whitelisted sites and blocks the rest.

NoScript for Firefox – What it does for your browser?

  • Prevents known scripts attacks
  • Protection without losing functionalities
  • Website code monitoring
  • Quick access whitelist

Do I need a script blocker for Firefox?

Firefox has been reputed as one of the staples of Internet security. The new birth of a browser doesn’t follow browsers like Chrome, which collects user data. While it’s already safe and has many security features, it lacks prioritization on securing users against scripts.

If you’re not aware, scripts are used to perform different tasks on websites. It can be utilized to capture inputs, animate objects, transform elements, and many more. Unfortunately, many sites and hackers had taken advantage of this feature. What they did is they run scripts in the background to intercept login credentials and many more. If successful, they can take over an account or infect a computer.

NoScript for Firefox tries to be the fix for this. Sure, you can disable scripts on all websites. However, many sites will be affected, and some wouldn’t function at all. If you’re thinking about manually configuring each website, it will you more time to do so and can’t be relied on that much. NoScript for Firefox allows users to whitelist trusted websites only to let them run scripts. This way, it’s easy to add a site to run scripts and deny those you don’t want.

NoScript for Firefox – Major functions

Prevents known scripts attacks

There are many attacks that hackers perform by exploiting the capabilities of scripts. They create and run scripts on the website you visit that perform harmful attacks such as login credentials and data stealing. They can also infect your computer with malware, making it more essential to regulate script access.

Protection without losing functionalities

Some websites will not function correctly without executing scripts. Your obvious choice would be to run scripts and compromise security or leave the site. If you don’t want any of the options, you can use NoScript. It can do both while being secure and functional.

Website code monitoring

Aside from scripts, there might be another line of codes that hackers use to attempt to steal user information. NoScript will block these attempts ensuring you experience safe browsing.

Quick access whitelist

You can easily add a site to your whitelist or remove your current one. There is no need to scroll through hundreds of websites; let NoScript do the work.

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