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Polarity is a free web browser with an interactive user interface. You can open multiple tabs or windows and save important webpages. Its garbage collector works quickly to avoid errors. PolarPass password manager can efficiently store your passwords so that you do not forget them. Its existing features can be extended by downloading add-ons, extensions and apps.

Software description

Discover more and surf the web freely with Polarity Browser. A well-developed software that goes beyond what your typical browser can do. Suppose you want to experience next-level browsing, download, and start using Polarity today!

Key Features


Why choose Polarity over other browsers?

While most popular browsers bombard you with so many features which some you don’t use, Polarity strips down the clutter and presents what you only need. Even if it declutters your browsing experience, it doesn’t compromise in terms of privacy and security.

Polarity browsers offer some powerful web protection features against trackers. Besides, it is lightweight and highly optimized to run quietly and consume less memory on your computer. It means that both your computer and web surfing will be faster and efficient.

Moreover, it supports a wide array of plugins, themes, and third-party applications that allows you to customize every bit of Polarity to your preference fully. What more do you need in a modern browser? Download and use Polarity now!

Polarity Browser’s Major Features

Clean and Focused Interface

Don’t get lost in your browser’s settings and clunky interface. Polarity Browser differentiates itself from most browsers with confusing user interfaces. It strips down all unnecessary features and buttons and only displays those that you need. Stop worrying about configurations and distractions; surf the web with Polarity freely.

Accelerated performance

Polarity browser uses Blink. The Blink engine is known for its speed and support for most web standards. With this in mind, your browser will run faster and safer from the dangers of the Internet. It uses WebGL and hardware acceleration to improve further every aspect of your web experience resource-intensive tasks such as video streaming.

Tab Management

Polarity browser offers excellent tab management features. First, you can customize how your tabs will look. Color coding helps you quickly distinguish tabs from each other, so you’ll be able to find a particular tab. It is useful when you have so many tabs open whenever you’re researching a topic or project. Wastes time searching for a specific tab will be less with Polarity.

You can store tabs that you opened for your next session. Once you open Polarity again, all your tabs, including pinned ones, will be available as if you never closed your browser. Also, you can choose only to open pinned tabs after a restart. Most browser doesn’t have this feature or aren’t as polished compared to what Polarity offers.

It also offers a feature called Tab Sleeping to hibernate unused tabs. It is useful when you have several tabs or windows open, and you don’t want to close them for later access. Polarity makes it so much easier to manage your browsing sessions.

Versatile Sidebar

Polarity has a powerful and versatile sidebar that is highly customizable. The sidebar makes it easier to access your most used features, such as saving an image from a webpage or sharing something to a starred social media site. You can also launch installed extensions from it. Above all, the sidebar can be quickly access in the top right corner of the browser, so you don’t have to use complex key combinations or press hidden buttons.

Script and ad-blocker

It blocks scripts and ads deployed by developers on their website. Stop websites from tracking your web activity. Block obnoxious ads from displaying over your content.


You can choose between night and dark mode depending on the time of the day to make your eyes healthier during web browsing. Besides, you can create or select from thousands of templates and themes available for Polarity. It also supports extensions so you can extend functionalities and fully decide how your browser behaves.

Extra features

Polarity support “Picture-in-Picture” mode so you can watch videos and movies even when on another tab or window. It also supports multiple accounts for a user. Moreover, you can sync your data across devices to a Polaris account. Login autofill, screenshot tool, legacy webpages support, and reading list are some of its notable extra features. Lastly, there is a massive community of users dedicated to helping each other and the development of Polaris browser.

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