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Proxifier is an application that enables you to connect any network application, from your web browser or software that connects with the Internet, through a proxy server. It is an invaluable resource for bypassing geographical restrictions (whether traveling abroad or working from home), bypass bans and blocks and ensure secure online activity by encrypting data sent over the Net.

Software description

To use Proxifier, it’s necessary to first create a profile which will determine how your connections will be redirected. After this step is completed, add a list of proxies you plan to use; additionally you may specify either an IP address or URL with which you wish to connect as well as specify its port number.

Once you have created profiles and rules, all applications requiring access to the Internet can be routed through them using a proxy server. Furthermore, you can set specific rules to apply specific settings to certain programs or the entire system, including HTTP protocols used by applications which visit Internet websites – or you could reroute all Internet traffic coming from other users on your PC!

Checking connections sent through proxies is another useful feature, enabling you to monitor data as it passes across networks before reaching its intended destinations. This feature can be especially helpful when using free proxies and need to ensure they don’t prove too slow or unreliable; alternatively, parents could use Proxifier to prevent their children from viewing adult material by setting rules to redirect connections to an alternative version of websites instead.

Proxifier has an exhaustive help file that details all its options and features, yet novice users may find it cumbersome due to the amount of information required of them – such as knowing which proxy servers you use along with their IP addresses and ports.

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