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Quick Heal Antivirus has been in the market for almost 25 years now, and has been able to dish out numerous software programs and IT security systems over the years. The latest offering from the company, the Quick Heal Antivirus Pro is another powerful antivirus software program for computers that the company has been able to dish out.










Software description

Protect your computers and devices with Quick Heal Antivirus. Defeat malware and secure yourself from the threats of the web. It ensures that you only get the best protection without hogging your computer’s resources. Besides, it protects and warns you from harmful websites that attackers use to steal or infect devices.

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Why you need an effective and reliable antivirus program?

Unprotected web and digital activities are hazardous, especially that attackers today are more capable of doing bad things than ever.

Most activities and files are done and stored on digital devices. Banking and other sensitive services are also vastly moving towards digital operations. Only this, everyone will learn the gist as to why it is essential to prioritize security.

Your computer is the primary device that your activities and data are stored. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to secure it from cybercriminals. The best of doing so is by using a reputable antivirus program. Quick Heal Antivirus Pro is a powerful and reliable antivirus tool for your devices that protects and fixes vulnerabilities.

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro: Major Features

Malware protection

It blocks harmful entities such as malware, adware, keyloggers, and ransomware. It scans every part of your computer, including the registry files, to ensure total protection against vulnerabilities.

Protection against Ransomware

Attackers use ransomware to infect a computer and charge a user (ransom) for the fix. It is beneficial since users will likely agree to pay the ransom because there might be essential files on their computers. To avoid this, Quick Heal Antivirus Pro deploys layers of security to detect and block any ransomware attempts on your devices.

Security scan versatility

You can manually or schedule scanning on your computer. This way, even if you forgot to do so, it will still continuously check your devices. There’s no need to do the hard work; let it protect your computer without you noticing.

Email Security

It goes beyond the extra mile and protects even your emails. There are many victims of email scams or phishing, so everyone should be careful. It scans your inbox and identifies harmful emails, so you don’t have to worry about falling into an email trap.

Drive and storage device protection

Secure your local disk drive as well as external storage devices. It stops autorunning malware and deploys protection to prevent harmful entities from entering.


Cybercriminals might inject keyloggers on your computer. A keylogger is software that records every keystroke you typed and sends the phrased or words back to the hacker. It is very risky since they can capture your login credentials and gain control over your accounts. If you use Quick Heal Antivirus Pro, your computer will be keylogger-free.

Backup and Restore

Backup important data from your computer manually or scheduled. Never lose essential data again against attackers. After a backup, you can quickly restore it to your pc or a new device. It also allows you to backup registry keys, so important application configurations won’t be lost.

Browser activity sandboxing

It protects your browsing activity by scanning the websites you visit. If it detects something malicious, it will close the website or warn you about the detected vulnerability. Moreover, it supports browser sandboxing, so harmful files will be blocked and removed from your system.

Powerful Firewall

Blocks threats from the web or your network. It acts as a shield both for your computer and Wi-Fi network at home. You can also set profiles that have varying restrictions and configurations. It also has a feature called “Stealth Mode,” which hides your computer from hackers to increase security.

Laptop finder

If you lost or someone stole your laptop, you can locate it by using the built-in laptop finder. Like mobile device finder applications, you can access its laptop tracker website to know your device’s whereabouts.

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