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QuickTime is a multimedia player from Apple. It allows the playback of movie files, and a number of other file formats such as audio, still images, graphics, as well as virtual reality movies.









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QuickTime refers to a popular multimedia player by Apple. This app can handle a variety of picture, video, audio, and panoramic image formats. Many Mac users prefer this software due to its simple, clean, and interactive interface; due to this, it has become one of the leading choice. Even though, the development of Windows version is declining, a good number of people still prefer it due to its amazing features.

Many people regards QuickTime as one of the most popular multimedia players, however, there was an emergence of next generation programs such as VLC, as well as KMPlayer which competed stiffly with Apple’s default software. Even today, QuickTime is readily available in the Mac computers, and receives frequent updates. The application is a must use app for Apple uses, but for Windows users the development of the app keeps on declining. Nevertheless, the app is simple, functional and has a lot of features, it is one of the best multimedia players to have in your PC.

QuickTime multiplayer has a number of features that makes it unique and popular. For example, it has a built in feature that enables the users to take advantage of their Mac camera like FaceTime High Definition, microphone, and also camera and microphone on their iPhone/iPad gadgets. Furthermore, it supports other features such as the capability to record your Mac’s screen. It also has a broadcaster where you can stream live videos. Any media file that you interact with is can be directly send to social media platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook and many more. In addition, it has basic video and audio editing features that enables you to trim, split, rotate, and merge video clips. Therefore, you can use it as a simple video editor to share clips online.

Apart from these appealing features, QuickTime has some drawbacks; for instance, it has limited functionality, that is, when you browse through the application’s menus, you will note that a good number of features are only available with the pro edition. Therefore, when you subscribe to the pro version, you will be able to combine movies, trim specific sections, or loop video clips.

Another challenge is that, it requires third-party codecs to play particular formats. QuickTime can support certain formats but you will face some problems with AVI as well as other similar files. At times, even after acquiring the codec, the player experiences some errors; this is can be due to absence of updates for the Windows edition. Also, it is a heavy software causing a demand on system resources as it requires more storage space on the hard disk.

Due to these drawbacks, the users can opt to a few alternatives. In the previous years, there has been introduction of outstanding multimedia players in the market. Some of which allows you to play files available in your device, others allows you to stream, upload files to social media sites, and other wide range of important features.

However, QuickTime is one of the most easiest ways of importing iTunes files to your Windows devices. Since the app is from Apple, it is suitable to all files items from Apple TV or iTunes. Most importantly, the app optimizes files before you play them on Mac. On the other side, systems with Windows receive unique features such as support for H.264, current video compression technologies, as well as high quality video streaming.

Some of the alternatives of QuickTime include, VLC Media Player, a famous choice for many people when it comes to streaming videos on Windows devices. Another best alternative is PotPlayer, it is the latest platform, it is one of the most robust music, and video players for Windows.

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