QuickTime Download

QuickTime is a multimedia framework. You can enjoy music and movies and open images with this application. QuickTime is the official video format for Apple devices and this software is the official media player. Although it’s available as a standalone application for Windows PC, Apple Inc. no more offers support for this media player.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

Are you looking for an advanced multimedia player? Then you should try QuickTime out!

If you own an iOS device, you may already be aware that QuickTime is the standard multimedia format of the iOS operating system. Apple Inc. launched this software so that you can enjoy your favorite music and movies on your PC as well.

Back in the day, it facilitated users to integrate the software with iTunes. But after Apple Inc. ceased support in 2016, this feature was dropped.

Play Multimedia Content

Its multimedia player offers support for various file formats. If you want to access a file stored in the system memory, you should click its Open File option. After that, you can select a movie, an audio file, MPEG file or image files. It’s an efficient tool that doesn’t slow down your PC.

It also allows you to play content directly from video sharing websites. All you need to do is to enter the internet URL of the website and it’ll efficiently play video or audio content.

Add Subtitles

While watching a movie, you may want to add subtitles so as to make the experience even more enjoyable for you. Through its View menu, you can easily activate subtitles.

Implement Your Preferences

It’s a customizable solution and you can modify its appearance and functions via preferences menu. Through player preference menu, you can choose settings for its appearance, movies, timecode, sounds, and multimedia player controls.

With the help of QuickTime preferences window, you can buy its subscription and get registered. Under audio settings panel, you can choose audio playback or recording devices and choose output audio settings. Furthermore, you can integrate it with web browsers, enable automatic updates, specify streaming speed, and turn on video acceleration through its settings menu.

Intuitive User-Interface

While there are many multimedia players available in the digital market, QuickTime is one of the best tools due to its straightforward GUI and a myriad of options. You can navigate through its options and enjoy videos and music you like. It can play a wide range of file formats such as MPEG, MOV, 3GP, JPEG, PNG, and AAC to name a few.

To be precise, QuickTime is a professional multimedia player. It can play most common formats of image, audio, and video files. It’s suitable for pro users as well as beginners because of its simple GUI. It also acts as a multimedia framework for third-party applications.