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Rising Antivirus can detect virus, worm, Trojan, rootkit and other malware. The detected malicious programs can be quarantined for disabling them from harming the system.









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Software description

Rising Antivirus is the ultimate solution for keeping your PC safe against viruses. It was originally intended for Chinese users but its latest version is available in English for international users. It is a free tool compatible with Windows 2003, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 editions. It is quite large in size but consumes low amount of processor and memory to ensure that system speed is not decreased. It saves data files against the threats of malware attacks.

Anti-Virus Scan:

Rising Antivirus allows you to run three different types of scan; Quick, Overall and Custom. Quick Scan targets system memory and other critical sections with the intention of removing harmful content quickly and efficiently. Overall Scan has slow killing speed but looks for viruses in critical sections of system and all discs. You can define the scope of Custom Scan manually. System log is also maintained that displays the details of deleted virus, intrusion blocking and last performed scan.


You can modify different software settings by using Rising Settings Wizard. Under general settings, you can enable silent smart updates and activate Rising lion. It consists of two modes; Smart mode automatically takes action on detected malware, while Standard mode lets you choose what should happen with malicious programs and detected virus. Moreover, you can join Rising Cloud Security which can perform automatic data analysis with intelligent data collection and provides online security.

System Defense:

Rising Antivirus software keeps track of malware activities and online threats through File Monitor and Mail Monitor respectively. File Monitor ensures that data files are safe from malware. As soon as you click open a file, it starts its operations and checks content to find and eliminate worm, Trojan, backdoor and other types of malware in real-time. Mail Monitor performs similar operations on Email. It looks for malware when an Email is received and opened.


Users can specify settings of all scan types including antivirus engine level, virus detection approach, post scan action, scan scope and scan plan. Similar settings can be specified for computer protection functions like file monitoring and Email monitoring. You can schedule automatic checking of updates. Connection settings include browser connection, proxy server and LAN connection. Under advanced settings, you can enable software security, log in to Rising Cloud Security and display information log.

Rising Antivirus Features:

The tool contains various skins through which its appearance can be modified.

  • keeps an eye on the data present in hard disk and blocks creation of autorun.inf file when a removable storage device is connected.
  • does not disturb other running applications and performs scan at fast pace.
  • contains a strong engine that can efficiently detect various types of malware.

Rising Antivirus is a user friendly application that ensures the security of PCs. It is suitable for beginners due to simplicity, but advanced users can adjust protection level as per requirement.

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