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Snapchat is a widely known mobile messaging application for Androids and IOS devices which is used in sharing photos, videos, drawings and text. The app is used mostly by young people and it is free to download and send messages







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When you want to post photos, chat, and do video calls, you might think you need to go to three or more different places online. Not so. You can find all that – and more – in one spot. It’s called Snapchat. You might be familiar with Snapchat as an app for mobile phones. But the good news is that Snapchat is also now available on the web. That gives you even more ways to enjoy all its amazing features.

Snapchat has been extremely popular for years. So popular, in fact, that there are more than 332 million users worldwide who are on Snapchat. And Snapchat captures the audience of an incredible 90% of young people who are between the ages of 13 and 24 in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, and Australia.

Here is an overview of some of the key ways you can use Snapchat, and stay tuned for even more features being added.


You can snap a photo of yourself, your family, or friends – or all of the above – and post them for everyone to see on Snapchat. Whether it’s literally a quick snap you want to post or something worthy of a photography award, Snapchat is the place to post it.


Another great feature is that you can chat away on Snapchat. Need to catch up with a friend? No problem, as Snapchat is at your fingertips. Need to share the latest update on your pet goldfish? It’s easy to do just that on Snapchat.


You can enjoy video calls on Snapchat. It’s easy and so convenient. Post videos all day long if you want to on Snapchat. Get creative, and share your ideas.


Just like its name suggests, the Spotlight feature in Snapchat allows you to put the spotlight on various photos.


It’s so much fun and such a great communication tool to be able to post your own unique video stories. Snapchat offers that convenient feature, which you have probably also seen in other places online. You can provide an update for your friends, post a fun story about a place you just visited, or post any other story you create. Snapchat gives you the flexibility to post stories of various lengths.


You can give your photos some added flair in Snapchat. Express your creativity and have fun in the process. There are so many incredible lenses – millions, to be exact – that are available in Snapchat. You will surely never run out of incredible ideas to share with the world.


Another great photo-related feature in Snapchat is called filters. You can add a variety of cool and unique filters to your photos. It’s super fun and just as easy.


Now here’s a really great and innovative feature. With Snapchat, you can peruse maps and pick places around the globe where people have posted. Want to travel to Asia online? No problem, as you just click that area and view snaps from there. The same goes for South America, Europe, or anywhere else.

For Creators

People who want to have an even more incredible experience with Snapchat can join as creators. All the photo and video features are available, including lenses, filters, and other creative tools for photos and videos.

Some people even build a career as a Snapchat creator. The website provides the full details, along with many ideas, tips, and so much more. But some of the ways creators can build up a great business is through creating a content strategy, get to know their content’s audience, and evaluate which videos and other content are drawing the most attention and visibility.

A Word About Security and Safety

There is so much talk about online safety and security that it is important to go over how that works in Snapchat. One piece of really great news is that Snapchat is extremely cautious about safety and security. So there are various privacy features built right in to Snapchat. Information is not automatically shared at all. In fact, the power to decide what information to share or not share is in the hands of Snapchat users.

Users can even add features like two-factor authentication to make their accounts even more secure and prevent people from being able to gain access to their accounts in unauthorized ways. You can never have too much security – or peace of mind – about being online these days. Snapchat fully recognizes that.

Snapchat is one of those tools that people just love, as indicated by the huge worldwide audience. It just keeps growing and growing, especially now that it’s available for the web. What are you waiting for? Join the party, and join Snapchat today.

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