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Snapchat is a memory sharing software. People share daily adventures through snaps they take. Users can share the snaps through stories, and spotlight. You may connect with friends and family through messaging.

Software description

Snapchat is a messaging software where users share daily stories, and chat. It does temporal messaging, a perfect feature that makes it easy to share daily adventures. Users have family and friends saved for Easy communication. Snapchat is a peer to peer chatting platform.

People may talk about anything at any time but after some times those messages disappear permanently from the system of Snapchat . This is very helpful in situations where someone said something earlier either when not in the right state of mind, in the court of law it will be difficult to produce evidence. This is because it is not possible to retrieve solid evidence at all.

To begin with, Snapchat takes snaps. They are Snapshots from the main camera but produce high quality photos. This is as a result of different shades and filters present. The filters vary with tone, and may suite different environments. They also have extra like lashes that improves appearance of someone making them look even more appealing.

There are also various styles that are useful while taking snaps. Most of them contains garments like hoods and sunglasses or beards. They may be amusing and tend to give someone a new identity. It may be older version of him or her, or a younger version. It’s just fun using Snapchat .

In addition, Snapchat enables you to remain in touch with family and friends. You keep on messaging and sharing daily experiences and adventures. Video calling is also available in Snapchat . You can video call friends and link up to 16 participants. This is amazing because you can carry out a family meeting, groups meeting, or any other form of conferencing.

Furthermore, you can out group chatting. Discussion is simpler and convenient with this group chatting. There are more appealing friendmojis and Bitmojis. They enhance communications by trying to express inner feelings that might be difficult to express in words.

Furthermore, stories you share on Snapchat unveils daily lives of your family, and friends. Through these stories, you get to know where your friends have been the whole day, events they have attended or achievements they have made on daily basis. The stories you share, or your friends share are from what you like most.

It is interest-based, and Snapchat ensures you get those contents exclusively. People can also share breaking news through the stories section. You get to know what’s happening around you, or the entire world. They mostly share top headlines. Those that capture public awareness, or concerns the public.

Moreover, sharing of best videos and snaps is through spotlight. People across the world make best snapshot videos, and share through spotlight. You can personalize the content you wish to view. Snapchat will use this personalization to stream what you like most on this platform. Spotlight also gives us an insight of what is happening across the world. We get to interact with new friends, and also get to know their lifestyles. We view their ways of living, and through that we learn what we can emulate in our daily lives.

Lastly, you can share your location with friends and family. You have a personal map where you can view location of your friends. If they are on move, and constantly sharing their locations, you can trace routes they are using. You can also create memories by saving, and sharing stories.

You can save a wide collection for later view, and act as a memory. There is a friendship profile which keeps information about you two. It shows what you have been sharing, and for how long. It tends to show for how long you have been friends. This may help you celebrate friendship anniversary if you so wish.

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