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Todoist software enables users to store tasks and ideas in one central place, access them anywhere on any device, track productivity and measure success. New users can start off with a free account; paid plans provide additional features like collaboration and file storage.

Software details

Android APK
Android / mac / Windows 11 / Windows PC

Software description

Todoist offers a free version of their app that allows up to five collaborators, while their Pro and Business plans provide unlimited collaboration. Each plan also offers other productivity features like location-based reminders on iOS and Android as well as file upload limits up to 100MB – those interested can download a trial from Todoist’s website.

Collaborators can be invited to work on projects and monitor task progress in real-time. The free version supports up to five collaborators per project, while Pro and Business plans support up to 25 and 50 collaborators respectively. Todoist also integrates with Slack so users can create, share, and update tasks directly within Slack; its plugin for Gmail/Outlook provides easy task creation; while Zapier integration enables users to convert any email into tasks; plus there is even a feature enabling teams to increase productivity – meeting agenda, project roadmap templates as well as development workflow templates are all provided – helping teams improve productivity – this platform does it all.

Share and collaborate

Todoist provides users with a platform that enables them to easily share tasks with anyone, anywhere and in real-time. Thanks to an activity log and real-time syncing features, everyone always has access to the latest version of any task or project being worked on.

Labels, filters and reminders can be added at any point during a task to help organize it according to its relevance to both your process and context.

For instance, the Today view displays all tasks due on any given day as well as overdue ones – making it easy to conduct daily reviews and planning sessions and decide how much work can be accomplished each day. Meanwhile, Upcoming provides similar functionality while users can collaborate on projects by assigning roles to internal and external team members.


Todoist allows users to receive notifications on mobile phones, desktop computers and email depending on the type of reminder selected. They can also choose when and how often notifications will come via text and/or email alert. Finally, users have full control over whether tasks will be reminded about before their due dates arrive by setting notifications that alert them of tasks prior to that due date.

Users of Todoist can create an optimal productivity system using its features, such as calendar integrations and notifications – this enables them to focus on what matters most and get work done even while traveling for business.

Users can use sections to naturally organize their projects, while communicating with their team through task comments – leading to more efficient workflows, enhanced organization and improved project results. Furthermore, Todoist utilizes machine learning technology for intelligently rescheduling overdue tasks and balancing workloads.

Real-time data synchronization

As soon as you make changes to other applications such as your calendar or email, these updates instantly reflect in Todoist. Furthermore, Todoist’s 2-way sync works both ways; so if an event on your calendar gets moved forward or backward by an hour or day it will also change within Todoist accordingly.

Todoist provides multiple ways to help you efficiently organize multiple tasks and projects, from projects and sub-projects for grouping together tasks, a Kanban-type board that visualizes their statuses and priority levels, as well as the option of creating labels.

Todoist allows you to set time-based reminders so that you’ll know when it’s time to get things done. In addition, Todoist supports task dependencies and Gantt chart view (via integration) so you can more efficiently manage project timelines.