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VIPRE Internet Security provides a complete solution against viruses and malware without slowing down your machine. The current version of this software now has acquaintances analysis of Facebook pages to identify and report the infected links, or even the “Guard Search” that allows you to safely navigate by detecting links of viruses or Trojans.

Software description

Nowadays attacks are more and more numerous and more complicated.

To protect our system against all these intrusions, it is advisable to think a thousand times before installing a security device. Besides there are plenty on the market but the choice always remains difficult.

This security software has been certified and officially recognized in the United States given the quality of security that it assures as well as the advanced functionalities that it has.

VIPRE Internet Security is compatible with all operating systems available on the market, but if you want to run it on an embedded system, you will lose your efforts in vain.

There are some software and hardware prerequisites to prepare the bed for its operation. It must allocate a sufficient hard disk space.

For those who opt for the Premium version, additional space is required.

The amount of RAM should also be considered, it is generally recommended 1 GB of Ram allocated to this software.

In order to function normally, the processor must be at least of the Core Duo family, the backward versions of the CPU will cause problems.

Check that you have the .NET framework or more installed on your pc, if not, you must control the auto installation of this framework during the configuration.


VIPRE Internet Security 2018 offers in addition to the Server version a Cloud version in parallel with Cloud Computing technology. With this version, the software designers have minimized the cost of the infrastructure and increased the efficiency of the solution.

This software also relies on endpoints that increase the security level against emerging threats.

During its development, computer security engineers have insisted on the ergonomic aspect of the application. You are in front of a user-friendly interface and easy to handle and you can benefit from all the software tools without any problem.

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