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Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus is an award-winning cloud–based protection software for both PCs and MACs. And though it is one of the most compact applications on the market, it is packed with a full and solid list of antiviral and privacy features  including: Behavior-Based Detection, Firewall, Malicious URL Blocking, On-Access Malware Scan, On-Demand Malware Scan, Phishing Protection, Website Rating, and Vulnerability Scan.








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A+ rated malware and ransomware efficiency and speed. Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus is one of the most innovatively efficient WiFi Security and Antivirus platforms on the market.


One of the most prominent characteristics of the Webroot platform is its combination of WiFi Security and AntiVirus, a structural difference the company makes a point of communicating to consumers. The inclusion of both of these security elements is Webroot’s definition of being fully secure online. Users have access to VPN capabilities designed to keep browsing private as they are sharing, browsing, and conducting important business like working and banking.

This VPN also enables automatic protection over all networks, even when using an unsecured WiFi connection. The antivirus application functions as an advanced filtering of risky and malicious websites so users will never have to accidentally stumble upon these dangerous internet traps. But despite the specific level of threat a particular webpage poses, Webroot security implements features that maintain the concealment of a user’s identity to ensure safe and secure browsing.


Experts refer to Webroot’s innovative cloud-based platform as a compact application, which is designed that way in part to help relieve computers of their heavy task loads. Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus is 23x smaller than other companies and maneuvers much easier among other programs running on a computer.

The application’s smaller size also works to prevent problems associated with relationships to speed – as a result of available space. Therefore, Webroot setup and many other functions such as scanning, will occur many times faster than other applications. In fact, Webroot security protection initiates 56x faster than other web security companies.


The Virus software users find for free online might provide temporary peace of mind, but Webroot states that in actuality, these applications may be doing more harm than good. The company reminds consumers of the saying that you get what you pay for because a reliable and efficient internet security system like Webroot requires a reasonable investment, which will then provide the quality features they can rely on.


The Webroot Identity Protection platform displays security features like the Identity Shield as well as their Phishing Shield on an Online protection page where users can make specific adjustments. The Online protection page assists those with particular concerns about protecting personal information and allows them to enter sites directly into the software and make specific adjustments.


Phishing websites are frequently revealed as fake and dangerous, but these entities often reorganize and repost rather quickly. Sometimes fraudulent websites are easy to spot, and internet surfers are usually able to check things out and continue on their way.

But occasionally, mistakes are made, and users end up creating accounts and logging in credentials, which will then provide that entity with access to a complete rundown of a user’s activities including – purchases, financial information, and social networking data. Webroot earns an A+ in Phishing defense, which utilizes a combination of verified URLs and reported frauds. It has also been found to outperform most browsers with phishing detection built-in.


Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus scans 6x faster than other competing brands, so there is no waiting several hours or even an entire day to conduct an extensive scan. PCMag points out that this is one of Webroot’s most notable features – being able to scan so quickly because the software uses fewer resources than other types of virus software. And increased speed can certainly come in handy when there is an infection.


Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus is user-tech friendly, which may be especially attractive for those who want to improve the service and make modifications.  For example, the software allows the removal of threats individually and along with the registry entries. The platform also has the ability to reset to default if it is attacked.

TechRadar mentions the bonus programs containing additional tools, such as SecureAnywere AntiVirus and SafeStart Sandbox. Webroot receives excellent scores from PCMag in internet threat testing, which emphasizes Webroot’s talented phishing application and the way it is able to “roll back” and remediate various ransomware activities, as well as any damage the attack may have caused. The magazine also delivered near perfect scores for Webroot’s overall malware protection.


Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus is a US–based “anti-virus and cyber–resilience company” headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado. The company began as a small start-up but was purchased by Carbonite, a backup and recovery organization, in 2019. On the website, the company defines a list of the fundamental services it aims to deliver to every customer, including: Customer Service 24/7 – Good reputation and stability – Designated Threat research team – Refined malware detection – and Regular definition updates.


Advanced features make Webroot a top recommendation among most internet security reviewers. It provides multiple protective services while, at the same time, it runs faster and has superior speeds due to its compact design. Many of its technical configurations differ from other companies, which is one reason users can protect themselves with Webroot while utilizing a secondary software like Microsoft Defender for added protection.

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