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How To Write A Report

In this article, I will talk about how to write a report to be published online, not be used by your boss in a meeting. The technique of writing an online report is simple, if you know what to present. Of course, you will not start to speak about the history of the coffee, if you have to write a report about the sales that were reached by your company in the last semester. This should not happen, ...[Read More]

How to Clean a Monitor, a CPU, a Mouse and a Keyboard

Since the topic of today treats the same subject, which is the cleaning of a computer inside and outside, I will present in the same article how to clean the mouse of a computer and also the CPU. In other words, the today’s article is divided into four main parts, each of them containing the steps that must be followed in order to solve this problem. I. The monitor Keep the monitor away from dust ...[Read More]

How To Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Who does not use keyboard shortcuts? First time when I heard about them, which was a long time ago, I thought that this might be a new thing, invented by the smart guts from Microsoft, but I was not aware that I used these shortcuts a long time ago even before knowing that these moves are named like this. In the article I read on PCWorld today, it is said that those who use keyboard shortcuts work...[Read More]

How To Create A Navigation Structure

Did you know that there are some users which when browse on the Internet, they turn off the images and the videos that might load along with the page, just to make the site load faster and see the text only, in fact the only information that interests them? Well, I admit I did not know that, but I found it out reading an article on dailyblogtips. When you are writing the content of your page, you ...[Read More]

How To Use A Webcam

A webcam can be used for many tasks, the main one being to promote the communication between the Internet users. With the help of a webcam, you can record the images of yourself and then see them in avi format or jpg format. There are also other formats included, such as bmp and wmv, but they are not that used as the first ones I’ve mentioned. A webcam should be able to let the user to perform sim...[Read More]

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