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Comodo Firewall keeps your system protected from threats of malware that can infect your system. Its latest updates include modern technologies for keeping your system safe from harmful attacks and it has been improved to overcome many limitations. It is a licensed product that can be purchased by paying a low price of $39.99, but its trial version is also available for users. Its options are very easy to configure and the layout can be customized according to your personal preferences.

Comodo Firewall is a free anti-virus protection program for Windows, that uses a number of advanced software features to protect your computer the best way possible. It offers you solid full-time protection from malware and some great features, including a desktop widget, Game Mode, firewall protection, cloud-based definitions and it also offers you some great extra, like the Comodo Dragon secure web browser. It uses a very strong defense technologies, like HIPS, Containment, in order to offer you solid protection against possible security threats. This powerful program is based mainly on the concept of prevention; It treats unknown files that seek access to your online resources as potentially harmful. More specifically, Defense+ isolates malware files automatically to maintain your computer unharmed. Moreover, it offers you some of the most unique clean-up features. It lets you find a a number of suspicious unknown applications or files automatically in a quarantined environment. As a result, different online progrmas that are detected as malware are restricted from having access to your system with files.

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