Best Web Browsers 2022


The search for the best web browsers is still valid in the age of specialized applications for everything, from instant messaging to encyclopedias. The power of a web browser to navigate through the World Wide Web and to assist in various online activities remains unrivaled. In order to improve the user experience in the online world, a web browser plays a vital role. Speed, flexibility. Accessibility, convenience, security, everything depends on the browser, for a good internet experience the right kind of web browser which meets all the requirements of a user is necessary. It is vital to opt for the most secure and reliable web browsers for the fact that most of malware attacks use the network connectivity as the usual route to enter into a new system. It has never been a smart choice to simply follow the trends; foolproof security has to be the top consideration when choosing a web browser.

Just as there is continuous development in applications and other kinds of software, the web browsers keep getting better by the day. The advanced versions of some of the highly acclaimed web browsers are equipped with the best features to transform the web experience completely. Here is a list of the best web browsers which you should look to get this year.


Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has topped the 2017 rankings for the best web browsers, with approval from both the experts and the common users. The latest version of the browser is efficient in speed as well as system resources. The software has had the most significant system update over the past decade and completely changed the game. With its signature support for extensions and high and advanced security features, the Firefox Quantum 2017 has taken its speed and flexibility up a notch. The Quantum version is equipped with a new system for extensions that prevents the hackers from making malicious changes to the browser’s code ensuring complete internet security for the users.


Google Chrome

Ever since the Microsoft introduced the Windows 10 compatible Microsoft Edge, there rose apprehensions about the popularity of Google Chrome. The browser continues to dominate the web browsers customer base worldwide and ranks among the top three web browsers no matter what the analysis is based on. Google Chrome’s compatibility and flexibility remains incomparable to date. One of the most highly acclaimed features of the Google Chrome remains its support for extensions and plug-ins as well as cross-platform compatibility which makes it the most convenient to customize which the modern-day users prefer. Parental control is one of the features offered by Google Chrome which keeps its customer base very strong. Although Google Chrome is one of the fastest and the most efficient web browsers available in the market, it has one major drawback that it causes resource exhaustion. Despite being heavy on the system and having a significant effect on the processing speed and overall performance of a computer, Google Chrome remains the first-choice browser for millions of web users around the globe for it is simply the most productive web browser one can find.



Opera remains one highly underrated web browser for the quality it has to offer. Given the fact that it is capable of performing every single task which its rivals can and comes with a handy set of features, it makes it to our list of the best web browsers. Opera has a small customer base but it is one quality browser, it is flexible, convenient and secure. Opera comes with built-in ad-blockers which maximizes computer security against broken web links and adware. Opera maintains high internet security by directing traffic to secure sites only. There is one drawback which keeps this software from being a top recommendation and this is its lag in processing due to the Turbo mode which means lower data processing as all data is directed through the Opera servers. For users with low internet bandwidth availability will find it slower as compared to other web browsers, else Opera offers everything that a quality browser should.


Microsoft Edge

Up next on the list of the best web browsers is the Microsoft Edge which has its core integrated in the Windows 10 operating system by the Microsoft Corporation. This web browser has an ever-increasing number of users since its very introduction, the one major boon is its integration in the operating system itself. Edge offers the nicest user interface, offering a very fine reading mode. Microsoft Edge is Cortana compatible and offers much higher security as compared to the various web browsing products from the Microsoft. This web browser is quite efficient on processing speed and system resources. There is a good range of features and flexibility. It does not offer cross-platform compatibility unless all devices run on Windows 10 operating system, apart from which there is nothing about Edge which doesn’t make it a quality browser.


Internet Explorer

A list of best web browsers without the old school Internet Explorer is unjustly incomplete even in the year 2018. It is less efficient as compared to the more advanced products like the Mozilla Firefox and the Google Chrome and offers the least support for extensions and plugins but it still offers one of the most efficient processing and user-friendly experience. Nothing beats the resource efficiency of the Internet Explorer, it is the lightest on the system and maintains performance efficiency for the system on the whole. It’s clean design and friendly interface is another plus.



Vivaldi makes it to the list of the best web browsers given its nice user interface and wide-ranging support for plugins and extensions. If there is one web browser that lets you own itself through customization, it is Vivaldi. The web browser, however, remains low on speed and resource efficiency.

Web browsers remain a software necessary even today when there are specialized applications available for every task. There is a large number of browsers available in the market but on the grounds of speed, efficiency, resource efficiency, customization support and internet security. There are only a few which make to the list of the best web browsers available in the market with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome topping the charts.