What is Epic Browser?

All in all, the privacy and security features of Epic are quite good. As for whether it is worth switching to from your current browser, that’s a decision only you can make. But if you frequently find yourself wanting more anonymity and security online, give Epic a try. It just might be the web browser […]

What is Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge is a powerful media manager that provides users with a central location to manage their creative assets. If you are working with large quantities of images, video or audio files, then Adobe Bridge is definitely worth considering as your primary media manager. With its robust file management capabilities and wide range of integrations, […]

What is RPCS3

RPCS3 is a Sony PlayStation 3 emulator and debugger written in C++ for Windows and Linux. RPCS3 began development in May of 2011 by its founders DH and Hykem. The program relies on JavaScript and HTML5 technologies to emulate the PS3’s XMB interface, games soundtracks as well as many features that are yet unimplemented but […]

Why You Need to Download iTunes

Do you love music? How about podcasts and audiobooks? Movies? TV shows? iTunes for Windows offers all that and a lot more in a single app. Whether you are streaming the latest chart-topper from one of your favorite artists or watching the TV show finale you missed last week, iTunes has all of your entertainment […]

AVG AntiVirus Review

AVG Antivirus, an acronym for Anti-Virus Guard, is a popular antivirus and security suite whose excellent features make it stand out. It was developed by AVG Technologies, a subsidiary of Avast. It is suitable for mobile phones and PCs, safeguarding them against malware and phishing attacks. This feature-rich antivirus suite guarantees the following elements, including […]

Windows Media Player Features

Basic file types include audio and video files. In addition, it gives you the capability to view and organize pictures, copy music from Compact Disc (CD), burn CD, shop for media from online stores and sync your digital media. Originally known as Media Player, its first version was released in 1991. Since then it has […]

What You Need to Know About Steam

Valve Corporation’s Steam is a digital distribution platform for video games. It’s a website where gamers and programmers can trade and sell various titles. Because of its flexible design and large user base, Steam has become a leading platform in the industry. Particularly important are the company’s customer support services, which come equipped with various […]

The Main Features for Safari Web Browser

The Safari Web Browser is a software developed by Apple Inc for browsing the internet. The software was introduced just for the Apple devices and has not ever since franchised to other devices. Every device by Apple such as the Mac and iOS comes with safari web as their main and default browsing software. When […]

Driver Booster Review

Driver Booster is developed by IObit Information Technology for helping the users in keeping their system drivers updated. It helps increasing the speed and performance of your system by updating the drivers to the latest available versions. It notifies you of all the drivers that are old and upon your permission it downloads the newer […]

Skype Pros & Cons

First released in 2003, Skype is the standard when it comes to VoIP. It is free to use, and simple. Skype is the most popular and most widely used Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) available online. It is free with some premium features available for those who want to get more functionality out of the […]

Fortnite Game Review

The “Battle Royale” game mode for Fortnite was released alongside the main game in 2017 and is available for free. Given that this mode of play did not cost anything, it attracted a large audience and helped propel the game’s popularity to new heights very rapidly. More than 125 million people all over the world […]

Netflix App

With more than 220 million subscribers, Netflix is one of the largest streaming service platforms available today. From watching the latest movies on the big screen to streaming hours of endless original content, Netflix delivers. If you are a lover of movies, television shows, and Award-winning documentaries, paying for and using the Netflix app may be […]